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Brands’ thoughtful take on Raksha Bandhan

From giving tips to not get bro-zoned, to showing the emotion of a protective elder sister towards her brother, brands have touched varied topics on this auspicious festival of brothers and sisters

In the second part of Raksha Bandhan campaigns, brings together a campaign that reveal interesting tales of the centuries’ old rich legacy of one of India’s oldest weaving community, how a sister can be a protector in a role reversal and a quirky take on how to avoid ‘unwanted rakhis’.

ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited


ICICI Lombard, a non-life insurance company, is celebrating the festival with the underlying message that ‘protection can come from anyone.’ The new digital campaign showcases how the sister plays the role of protector, unlike what has been traditionally upheld, thus stating that ‘protection’ is not always a brother’s strength.

The campaign drives the theme of ‘Raksha’ or ‘protection’ that pivots around the paradigm of protection.

With today’s women venturing across all spectrum of business, sports, entrepreneurship, winning awards and touching new records, the campaign showcases the ‘promise of protection’ in a novel way. Today a rakhi is tied with a promise of mutual protection, without spelling out who the protector is, thus giving the deep-rooted protector-protected paradigm a required nudge. The video shows Olympic medallist boxer Mary Kom’s brother Khupreng Mangte telling till now it is not clear who is the protector he or his sister.

Veave’s Studio


Veave’s Studio, Weaving Past into Present, an apparel brand based in Banaras, launched its Raksha Bandhan campaign ‘Hands That Made History’. Through the ‘Hands That Made History’ campaign, Veave’s Studio attempts to reveal interesting tales and vivid imagery that is evocative of the centuries’ old rich legacy of one of India’s oldest weaving community.

The same thread of love that binds and interweaves a sibling relationship and its nuances has been used as a metaphor in the ‘Hands That Made History’ campaign. This thread of passion and unsolicited love for weaving binds Veave’s Studio to the weavers who create collections of traditional stoles crafted using the finest silks and cottons featuring silhouettes that have been inspired by the Mughal court. Fully understanding the new age of mass produced factory products, ‘Hands That Made History’ is an initiative to revive the glorious craftsmanship that may well be enshrined as a technique that is older than history, older than tradition and older even than legend. The ‘Hands That Made History’ campaign will pay tribute to the weavers that have carved the relationship of dore (thread) that ties siblings together on this occasion of Raksha Bandhan. A festival that could literally be taken as a protective relationship, something Veave’s Studio believes it is doing for the weaving community of India.

The ‘Hands That Made History’ campaign signifies the unspoken bond between siblings and how they always tackle issues hand in hand. Expressing this unspoken bond and loyalty of relationship through a hand woven embroidered dori of love that symbolises a lifelong interdependence and support system between the brand, its weavers and the final customer. Hands That Made History will be contributing significantly to the continuation and preservation of the traditional art form of weaving and the emergence of a modern approach to the same bond and loyalty between a brother and sister.



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