Bajaj Finserv spreads awareness with #StrikeOutChampionship campaign

The recently concluded month-long digital campaign urged people to participate in three unique challenges and spread awareness on issues like hunger, poverty and malnutrition affecting children

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Bajaj Finserv spreads awareness with #StrikeOutChampionship campaign

Financial services group Bajaj Finserv’s month-long digital #StrikeOutChampionship campaign has successfully spread awareness among than 19 million Indians. The three-phased campaign launched last month comprised three engaging and educative challenges that aided awareness on some of the severe healthcare issues affecting children in India.

Actor Neha Dhupia flagged off the first two challenges. All three challenges were further encouraged by some social media influencers of the country. The campaign resulted in widespread participation through multiple social media platforms and urged people to deliberate on some serious concerns such as hunger, poverty, malnutrition, etc., affecting the children of India and generate maximum awareness around it.

* The first challenge ‘Show Your Mark’ urged people to post pictures of their arm’s vaccination mark on their social media handles. The challenge centred on the concern of lack of healthcare accessibility to majority of children in India from preventable diseases.

 * In the second challenge, participants posted a video of themselves, saying the tongue twister ‘Better fed bellies make bachpan better’ on their social media handles. This challenge highlighted the issue of lack of food and the rising numbers of malnourished children in India.

 * The third challenge Strike Out In Your Style urged the participants to share a picture striking out an issue in their own style. This third and final challenge generated awareness on the issues affecting children like hunger, preventable diseases, malnutrition and more.

All the participants were required to tag @Bajaj_Finserv and use the hashtag #StrikeOutChampionship on all their social media profiles for all their posts spanned across the three challenges. They earned points through various activities related to taking the challenges and sharing it with their networks, thus accelerating and amplifying the awareness of the overall cause. Participants with maximum number of points from all three challenges were declared as the champions of the #StrikeOutChampionship. Anupama Vijay from Kolkata is declared as the winner of the challenge. 

The CSR-inclined digital campaign, observed Bajaj Finserv’s partnership with multiple NGOs in India to eradicate hunger, poverty, malnutrition, preventable diseases and other healthcare issues that affect children. Some of the NGO partners were Smile Train India, Umang Foundation, Ummeed Child Development Center, Sangath, Cuddles Foundation, Hrudaya Foundation working towards the welfare of child’s health and nutrition. The month-long educative and awareness-led campaign created a great impact as it successfully led to consciousness among masses to create a support system and help the children in need to have a healthy and disease-free future.

Bajaj Finserv #StrikeOutChampionship campaign