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Pravin Shah launches BigBrandTheory, a future-focused, branding & strategic consultancy

The consultancy has weaved in five core beliefs – human first, clarity before creativity, creative thinking is problem solving, brand tech and talent on demand

Pravin Shah launches BigBrandTheory

A journey of 13 years, million conversations and a mission of that of providing brands a competitive edge is what Six Inches Communication is and has been about. An entrepreneurial venture founded and steered by Pravin Shah; it grew into being a value-partner for over 100 brands and reached a juncture where change is the next logical action.

Amassing from his experience and leveraging his expertise, Pravin Shah has launched BigBrandTheory, a step towards reinvention and relevance.

Business landscape is changing. Consumer behaviour is changing. These are times of tectonic shifts for business and brands. Speaking on this Shah, Founder and Entrepreneur, BigBrandTheory, said, “We live in VUCA world, i.e. volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous; it’s imperative that leaders take a view of the future and work back. One question that every leader must ask – ‘Will my business stay relevant for the consumers of tomorrow?’ Look at a four-year-old and the ease of technology adoption – this tells us a lot about a future consumer. One that will be much different from today. One that will live in a world of Anywhere. Anytime. Anyhow.”

Anchored to being ready and relevant, BigBrandTheory aligns itself to the future; it consciously opts out of the essence of being an agency and embraces the identity of being a knowledge-driven, brand consulting and creating entity. A hybrid business partner powered with one purpose — business and brand acceleration. They are an eco-system of thinkers, futurists, creative, strategists, data scientists, technologist, innovators and everything a business needs to stay relevant in the future.

The purpose of BigBrandTheory is ‘Business & Brand Acceleration’. To partner with and co-create brands that are human-centric, super-agile and has the relevance gene embedded in them.

To achieve this, BigBrandTheory has weaved in five core beliefs – human first, clarity before creativity, creative thinking is problem solving, brand tech and talent on demand.

BigBrandTheory has collaborated with specialist across categories – futurist, strategist, innovators and tech architects to save time, resources and efforts of clients in educating the partner. These global vantage points will give the client an edge from an evolved perspective. BBT has collaborated with partners in Argentina, Middle East, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, UK and USA.

BigBrandTheory leverages the power of insights, the know-how of the consumer journey has characterise this wave of change in three themes. Themes that hold the promise to make one future-ready. Re-energising Legacy Brands, Building 21st Century Brand and Creating Memorable Brand Experiences. Each theme urges business leaders to align their strategy on future-focused consumers.


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