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Harish Bijoor completes 15,000 keynote/public speaking hours

It has taken 29 years and 42 days for Bijoor to create the record. The 15,000th hour keynote address was delivered at the historic and heritage Daly College in Indore

Harish Bijoor

Brand-strategy specialist Harish Bijoor has just completed a total of 15,000 active keynote/public speaking hours. And it has taken 29 years and 42 days to create the record.

Bijoor is the founder of Harish Bijoor Consults Inc., a brand and business strategy consulting firm, headquartered in Bengaluru.

These speaking hours primarily include keynote addresses on various subjects that have been the domain of interest, specialty and research of Bijoor. These spaces include brand strategy, business strategy, consumer research, consumer behaviour, rural marketing, sales and distribution strategy, motivation, leadership, tech-branding, start-up catalysis, and allied realms.

Bijoor started his keynote sessions at industry conferences as early as in 1990. His first keynote address was at a conference of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) on the subject of Sales & Distribution in Chennai. Subsequent to that, keynote speaking has been an area of passion for Bijoor, and one thing led to another till the milestone of 15,000 public speaking hours.

The 15,000th hour keynote address was delivered by Bijoor at the historic and heritage Daly College in Indore. The subject was: ‘The curious case of the crazy marketer and the complicated consumer’. This keynote traced the evolution of the marketer and consumer as strange but rather important bed-fellows in the eco-system of marketing. The talk was facilitated and organised by the Young Indians, Indore and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

Bijoor was felicitated at this 15,000th hour event by the President of the Board of Governors of Daly College, HH Maharaja Narendra Singh Jhabua, and the CII and the Young Indians, Indore.

Bijoor’s keynotes have always been seen to be talk-sessions that pack a whole lot of new content, with a yen for trend-spotting and being ahead of the curve of consumer and marketing understanding. His talks are peppered with humour and his tone, tenor and decibel of talks are a brand in themselves.


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