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Cream Bell Ice Cream launches first digital campaign, showcases new product Bon Bon

The three-month campaign has been devised by Bottle Openers Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd and includes a series of online films, influencer marketing and consumer engagement

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Cream Bell Ice Cream has launched its first ever-digital campaign to raise awareness about the newest offering Bon Bon, vanilla enrobed in chocolate.

The 15ml Bon Bon is the brand’s smallest offering, priced at just Rs 5. Keeping its short and sweet nature in mind, Bon Bon has been positioned as the ‘Ice cream ka short form’. The ‘Short Form’ campaign kicked off in May with the brand rewriting the definitions of commonly used SMS and email short forms (BRB, FYI, WTF). The consumer engagement campaign that followed asked the consumers to follow suit with new short forms being thrown every day. The campaign was executed across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and radio channels.

The campaign was further extended into a series of online films with Manoj Pahwa and Nilu Kohli, around the theme of ‘Lagi shart’. Intended to push the product for in-home consumption, the films follow hilarious bets of a fun-loving family, who wager Cream Bell Bon Bons on everyday occasions like getting terrified during a horror movie or forgetting the wallet at home.

Sandeep Singla

Sandeep Singla, CMO, Cream Bell, said, “The market for ice creams is on the rise. Unlike western countries, the moments of consumptions of ice cream in India are special and few. By building multiple consumption occasions both inside and outside home, we believe we can drive growth for the category and Cream Bell. This is where Bon Bon because of its right bite size, provides multiple opportunities for consumption of short and sweet pleasures at any time of the day.”

Singla said, “Its pricing is not just pocket-friendly for consumers but also enables us to penetrate multiple retail outlets.”

Sachin Kumar

Sachin Kumar, Founder, Bottle Openers, said, “Ice creams are like sweet treats that people want to enjoy with their loved ones. We wanted to build a campaign around everyday family moments and make them special. The thought was to create more conversations and playfulness in the family with Bon Bons’ acting as connecting dots. Since playful betting is ingrained in Indian families, hence the second leg of the campaign was titled ‘Lagi shart’.”

The campaign has seen successful so far with overall reach of 14,521,461 and more than 2,586,649 views garnered across YouTube and social channels for the films.

Ice cream ka short form contest

Lagi shart film videos

Links for radio activations


Client: Cream Bell

Digital Agency: Bottle Openers

Creative Direction: Utkarsh Payal, Apurva Chaturvedi

Production House: Aena Productions

Director: Ishita Dave

Producer: Ashwin Dsouza

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