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Say it, See it through Mi LED TVs

Xiaomi has launched a new marketing campaign for its range of Mi LED TVs, roping in the Sahil Sarabhai and Monisha Sarabhai characters from the popular series, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. The campaign has been executed by MWG-TAG, Bengaluru

Click on the Image to watch the TVC.

The concept of smart TVs or internet-enabled televisions is burgeoning in India. Xiaomi, which has a range of smartphones and LED TVs, has launched a new campaign, ‘Say it, See it’ for its Mi LED TVs.

The campaign aims to educate customers and build greater awareness about Mi LED TVs and its smart features for a growing smart TV market like India. Xiaomi’s first non-smartphone, TV-focused campaign, the Say it, See it campaign primarily outlines the voice command feature of Mi TVs powered by Google Assistant, and a variety of other smart functions that can be performed with a Mi TV.

Refreshing our memories, the new campaign takes us back to the popular and funny sitcom days with Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai’s famed on-screen couple Sahil (Sumeet Raghavan) and Monisha (Rupali Ganguly) who are brought together as the main protagonists.

Humorous in nature, the film is extremely interactive, entertaining and based on potential real-life scenarios. It starts with Sahil (husband) entering the house joyfully after his day at work. As soon as he enters, the child is seen using Mi TV’s special voice command feature to play the famous Bollywood Breakup song and goes on to check for weather updates using the same simple feature of Mi TV. Mi TV indicates that there is a thunderstorm expected outside, signifying that Monisha (wife) is extremely furious as Sahil (husband) has forgotten their wedding anniversary, which was beautifully tied in with the thunderstorm update.

Monisha uses Google Assistant via Mi TV to check on their anniversary date, which tactfully implied Sahil’s innocent mistake. Another key highlight was Sahil’s hilariously futile attempt to pacify her, and his naughty kid’s comical attempt to use Mi TV’s voice command that unintentionally plays another Bollywood song Suno Na, suggesting his wife may not listen to him but Mi TV always listens with its voice command feature.

The Mi TV Say it, See it campaign has been executed by MWG-TAG, Bengaluru.

Karan Shroff

Karan Shroff, Head, Brand Marketing, Xiaomi India, said, “Mi TVs played a crucial role in building the pace of smart TV industry in India. The brand offers the latest innovative smart TV technology to all customers across all its variants at incredibly honest pricing, driving our belief of offering innovation for all. And this resulted in us becoming the number one Smart TV brand in the nation. While this certainly amplified Mi TVs’ positioning, we also wanted to use a creative approach to help consumers realise the hidden potential of Smart TV and its several benefits, which is what the new ‘Say it, See it’ campaign aims to do. Our first non-smartphone TV campaign focuses on features that allow users to do a lot more with their Mi TV beyond just using it as an entertainment source.”

“Featuring the popular on-screen TV pair Sumeet Raghavan and Rupali Ganguly, we are confident this will bring some fond memories for the larger audience who would connect positively with the campaign story and the popular couple. We hope that this new campaign further strengthens our bond with Mi Fans, and builds a stronger smart TV brand association with all our potential consumers,” he added.

Dileep Ashoka

Dileep Ashoka, Executive Vice-President, MWG-TAG South, said, “Most people know Xiaomi to be India’s number one smartphone brand, but not many are aware that they rule the Smart TV segment as well. While most TV ads focus on a Full HD or 4K experience, we chose to focus on the product’s most distinguishing feature — content and smart devices being operated on voice command. In these films, we chose to dramatise the simplicity of accessing content through voice, keeping it aligned to the humorous and quirky spirit of the brand. We expect that the product and the communication will resonate well with audiences across both metros and smaller towns.”

The new Mi TV’s Say it, See it campaign is set in a typical Indian family social set-up, where each family member is seen enjoying the television, signifying that Mi TV is for everyone and its features are designed keeping in mind consumers of all age groups.

This campaign is targeted towards potential users of Mi LED TVs, including first-time buyers as well as consumers who are looking forward to upgrading their televisions.

The Say it, See it campaign will run across television (as a TVC), in cinema advertisements, digital on YouTube, social media, and Out of Home (OOH). The campaign would run for nearly four weeks starting June 20 and might be followed by a sequel in the near future.

Xiaomi India witnessed incredible growth since its inception in 2014, and has become the number one smartphone player for seven consecutive quarters in a row (IDC Quarterly report). As the brand progressed further in India, Xiaomi also brought its much anticipated Mi TV to India in February 2018.

The Campaign:


Client: Mi LED TV, Xiaomi

Agency: MWG-TAG, Bengaluru

Creative Director: Puneet Kapoor           

Production House: Keroscene Films

Director on-set: Rajesh Sathi


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