Rising Star: Ishita Misra, Writer, Tilt Brand Solutions

Studying English Honours wasn't a conscious decision for Misra and neither was advertising. They both were accidents and she is glad today that it happened that way

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Rising Star: Ishita Misra, Writer, Tilt Brand Solutions

Ishita Misra

Hailing from Allahabad (she refuses to call it Prayagraj, and apologises for doing so), Ishita Misra, writer, Tilt Brand Solutions, has ended up travelling through a lot of cities during her growing up years.

She joined Tilt in April this year as a writer, and is working on brands such as Dream11, Fossil and Scripbox.

Prior to this, she was at Lowe Lintas and worked there for six years. She functioned from the Delhi office for four years and from the Bengaluru office for two years.  During this course, she went from being an intern to an Associate Creative Director (ACD).

At Lowe, Misra has worked on brands such as Google, OLX, Fastrack, Pernod Ricard, Xiaomi, Lenskart and Reliance Trends.

She graduated in English with a B.A (Honours) degree from Gargi College (Delhi University). She also pursued Masters in Advertising and Marketing Management (MAMM) from Amity University, Noida.

Misra first pursued her education in English. Then she switched to advertising. Why? “English wasn't a conscious decision and neither was advertising. They were both accidents that I'm glad happened,” she quipped.

Talking about whether she loves English more or advertising, she said, “Difficult to say. I love the fact that I did my graduation in English. It helps me every day in advertising. But I would have never wanted to pursue the traditional career course an English Honours opens up, simply because it was not my cup of tea. For example, I am glad I'm not teaching a class full of bright-eyed, future-ready students. I am glad for them. Anyway, simpler answer would be advertising.”

What made Misra choose English in her education in the first place? “Because I really didn't know what I wanted to do. My mother is an English graduate too. She suggested the idea and I was like, well okay. They were the best three years of my life. I got exposed to theatre, writers I would have otherwise never known, some inspiring, amazing professors; got my first teacher crush so on and so forth,” she reminisced.

How did she decide to join advertising? She said, “Again, my mom suggested it. I guess till a point, till this particular point, I used to love listening to my mom. I joined advertising without any knowledge about what it entails. Still learning, always learning. It's been great.”

What has her experience in advertising taught her? Mishra thinks that she is lucky that she got to work under the people that she did. “All my superiors are awe worthy. Just observing them can teach you so much. They were patient with me, tolerant of my mistakes and that makes all the difference doesn't it,” she mentioned.

“I am still in love with this profession because even when I had a bad idea – a really really bad idea – I wasn't told I was stupid,” she said, getting a little emotional.

“But yes, what I have learnt is to be nice to people. You have no business discouraging anyone. Find solutions. They are always there. Just find them. Keep trying. Never belittle the work you do. Thrive under pressure. Learn to ingest, digest criticism. And, if you like something someone else has done don't shy away from celebrating it,” she added.

What did she learn till now, that she put to good use in advertising? “Embracing criticism/ feedback and that everyone has their own way of thinking, be proud of the way your mind works,” she elaborated.

In her free time, Misra is very random. But she loves laughing. “I laugh a lot. Unnecessarily. It's weird and sometimes just plain awkward,” she signed off.


Tilt Brand Solutions Rising Star Ishita Misra