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Raw Pressery launches recycling initiative ‘Raw Cycle’

It is a new eco-friendly initiative to recycle raw plastic bottles into clothing

Cold-pressed juice company Raw Pressery’s new recycling initiative ‘Raw Cycle’, will transform empty plastic juice bottles into apparel. Seven Raw Pressery bottles make 1 Raw Cycle T-shirt. It is a step to mitigate the amount of plastic that’s getting dumped in our wastelands and oceans.

The brand has already collected 1.2 million bottles for recycling and has recently launched the first edition of its Raw Cycle T-shirts that are made of 95% recycled plastic polyester and 5% drifit spandex.


The used plastic bottles are first washed and chopped into flakes. These are later melted and formed into chips and extruded into yarn. Yarn is woven into fabric and then dyed using eco-friendly processes to make an ocean-friendly, Raw Cycled t-shirt.

The t-shirts are designed keeping in mind the clean label and All Good, No Bad Philosophy of the mother brand Raw Pressery. The idea is to keep it simple, conversational, authentic, effortless and edgy. The t-shirt is priced at Rs 1,000 and can be purchased via the Raw Cycle website 


Globally, the rise of plastic usage amid the lack of responsible waste management is leading to an environment crisis. City municipalities spend crores in just managing the after-effects of poor disposal of plastic, some even banning single-use plastic completely. Over 300 million tonnes of plastic is created each year with India’s top 60 cities generating 15,000 tonnes of plastic every single day. This unmanaged waste has wreaked havoc on international biodiversity. With a growing eco-conscious community and global thought leaders now entering the conversation, there is hope to provide innovative solutions to waste management and create a circular economy.

Anuj Rakyan, CEO, Raw Pressery, said, “In keeping with our brand’s philosophy of ‘All good. No bad’, our company has consciously considered environmental impact as part of our larger strategy, also in a bid to change the corporate culture. We have recycled waste plastic at the pressery from the very beginning, and have 100% plastic neutral certification, but course there is always space to do more. Due to the nature of the high water pressure processing technology used for preserving juice, glass was not an option for us, and so these realities made us think hard for a sustainable solution. We want to set an example in the industry to showcase that alternative waste management is possible.”

How can you be a part of this initiative?

You can do your bit to save the environment by sending your empty bottles at the select recycling centres in your neighbourhood. A list of the same can be found on the raw cycle website,

If you are environment-conscious but always on the move, then you can schedule a pickup of your empty bottles. All you need is a minimum of 20 Raw Pressery bottles and the team will come to your doorstep to collect and recycle on your behalf.

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