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Mars Wrigley Confectionery launches Doublemint Paanmint for Indian market

Conceptualised by BBDO India, a series of three comical TVCs depict people in situations where they unexpectedly choose to eat Doublemint Paanmint before momentous occasions in their lives

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Mars Wrigley Confectionery has announced the launch of Doublemint Paanmint. Inspired by the local favourite ‘Paan’ flavour, Doublemint Paanmint is the first product from Mars Wrigley Confectionery that has been developed exclusively for the Indian market.

The new product brand, under the Doublemint master brand, aims to widen its presence in the freshness category. It is being launched on the back of extensive consumer research and will offer the freshness of mint with the much-loved desi flavour.


Yogesh Tewari, Marketing Director, Mars Wrigley Confectionery, said, “The launch of Doublemint Paanmint is a significant milestone in our journey in India. It is the first time we have developed a product, specifically for the Indian market in the freshness category. The new product builds on Doublemint’s proposition of long-lasting freshness and gives it a unique, local twist with a flavour that Indians are familiar with and immensely fond of. Doublemint Paanmint is a unique, differentiated product and we are confident that the product will be well received by our consumers here.”

Doublemint Paanmint offers a contemporary burst of freshness and flavour and will be available across traditional trade outlets for Rs 10.


The new product is being launched in India with the proposition Pehle Paan, Phir Naya Connecshaan. This will be brought to life through an exciting television and digital campaign, conceptualised by creative agency BBDO India. A series of three comical TVCs depict people in situations where they unexpectedly choose to eat Doublemint Paanmint before momentous occasions in their lives.

The first TVC depicts Pehle Paan, Phir Kanyadaan wherein a father dramatically stops the bride at her wedding altar, only to reach for a pack of Doublemint Paanmint, which he offers to the groom.  The second film sees a twist to the proposition by way of Pehle Paan, Phir Jaan Pehchaan. Set in an office space, it follows a new employee as she is introduced to her new colleagues. Just as she extends her arm for a handshake with one of the employees, the guy, instead of reciprocating, takes out takes out a pack of Doublemint Paanmint and offers it to her, reiterating the adage Pehle Paan, Phir Naya Connecshaan.


The third film opens at a college where an awkward and nervous fresher is performing for his seniors who, in turn, are laughing at him. After this performance, when it is time for the next fresher to sing, instead of being flustered, he reaches for a pack of Doublemint Paanmint. His simple gesture of offering it to his seniors impresses them, reiterating the message of Pehle Paan, Phir Gaan.

The TVC is being released in Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil.  Mars is a family-owned business with more than a century of history making diverse products and offering services for people and the pets people love.


The TVCs:

Pehle Paan, Phir Kanyadaan

 Pehle Paan, Phir Jaan Pehchaan

Pehle Paan, Phir Gaan


Client: Doublemint Paanmint, Mars Wrigley Confectionery

Marketing Director, Mars Wrigley Confectionery: Yogesh Tewari

Agency: BBDO India

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