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DAN Programmatic launches ‘Vision’, a hyper-scaled machine-learning-based dashboard

It provides reliable and high-quality forecasts on the performance of programmatic campaigns and aims to empower agencies and clients to take pre-emptive steps to maximise campaign performance

DAN Programmatic, powered by The Data Sciences Division of Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN), has launched ‘Vision’, a hyper-scaled machine-learning-based dashboard that provides reliable and high-quality forecasts on the performance of programmatic campaigns. It aims to empower agencies and clients to take more pre-emptive steps to maximise campaign performance. 'Vision' has been launched in collaboration with Amnet, the network’s programmatic arm.

With the media market now being digitised, every form of television and radio can now be purchased programmatically. This has enabled every piece of media that is traded through programmatic networks to become a data point for advanced analyses. With the ‘Vision’ dashboard, agencies will be able to take a more proactive stance in foreseeing the direction of a programmatic campaign and take necessary course-corrective measures before any impending doom.

Shamsuddin Jasani

Shamsuddin Jasani, Exec Sponsor, DAN Programmatic & Group MD, Isobar, South Asia, said, “The biggest boon of the digitised media market is that it has given rise to a new resource, the data. This new resource is now actually enabling modern day marketers to make smarter decisions and provide justifications for certain market movements. ‘Vision’ is the first step in a journey of making the programmatic ecosystem a lot more known to us beyond the heavy duty algorithms that govern the space. It enables us to be more proactive in sharpening our programmatic performance by informing creative and placement strategies by revealing trends.”

This unique service brings the sophistication of machine learning at scale to every single programmatic campaign and is ready for global launch. ‘Vision’ uses advanced algorithms that are also used by large companies such as Facebook and Google while making its forecasts.

Gautam Mehra

Gautam Mehra, CEO of DAN Programmatic  and  Chief Data Officer, South Asia, Dentsu Aegis Network, added, “The explosion of data, coupled with efficient compute and advanced tech advancements, has opened up the realm of marketing to all sorts of predictive analysis. The depth of data available virtually makes every single outcome capable of being modelled with a high degree of certainty. Through its advanced algorithms, ‘Vision’ enters a space of sifting through reams of data to unearth trends that serve as guidance, and in many cases a caution to where a campaign is likely headed. This helps carve out a sufficient window for agencies and advertisers to react to upcoming trends and capitalise on the knowledge for their gains.”

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