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Angel Broking to focus on performance marketing, target millennials through digital

The brand counts on performance marketing for customer acquisition and plans to invest on vernacular marketing to get far into the consumer's psyche. The company will be spending a significant part of its marketing budget on digital this year. In an interaction with, Prabhakar Tiwari, CMO, Angel Broking, speaks about the marketing strategy, trends and focus areas of the company

Angel Broking, a leading stock brokerage firm, is changing its marketing model to target millennials.

In the current fiscal, the company will spend largely on the digital medium to cater the younger group.


The company believes performance marketing to be a key driver for gaining new customers.

Through spends on television, the company plans to cater the remaining groups. The brand has recently launched a #TradeSmartWithAngel TVC campaign and plans for three more such campaigns in the upcoming quarter of FY 19-20.


In a conversation with, Prabhakar Tiwari, CMO, Angel Broking, talks about the marketing strategies and focus areas of the company.

Speaking on the marketing spends, Tiwari said, “We are looking at advertising on social media platforms in a much bigger way. Most of our marketing spends goes on performance marketing. We are oriented towards becoming a more digital organisation, by targeting millennial customers.”

Apart from these, the brand also spends in big amounts for Google advertising.

According to Tiwari, performance marketing has a very large role in customer acquisition.


Our award winning research team gives right research based advisory to customers making it easier for them to invest in stock brokerage. “To deliver ease in stocks is our first priority,” he said.

“Digital transformation in last three years has allowed us to get much closer to our consumers and also to understand their pain points in a detailed manner. We have built our services on technology which has become unparalleled in this industry,” he added.

The brand is under implementation to add tools like Google campaign management, DV 360 to understand path to purchase , campaign visibility and efficiency in spends.

According to Tiwari, the company will strategize on vernacular marketing and customer experience marketing for the remaining three quarters, apart from digital and TV.

Speaking on the TV campaign, Tiwari said, “With our campaign, we tried to highlight the thought to make solutions available, related to stock market through Angel Broking. We are also pushing the experience of digital stock broking on our platform.”

According to Tiwari, a brand has to align itself and catch the pace of changing consumer behaviour and be updated on the on-going tech to stay relevant in the mind of consumers.

“Today’s consumer is curious to understand the process of investing in detail. It’s a big change as compared to the past, where people were more seen to have a human interface. aligning ourselves on this evolving consumer behaviour, we have geared the business model in the last three-four years,” he emphasised.

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