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Advertising, media and marketing industries not gender biased, provide fair play to women

Speaking at the Kyoorius Melt, a panel consisting of industry stalwarts discussed how advertising, media and marketing industries are fairer to women as compared to most other industries

With women taking over the leadership roles in the last one year, it can’t be doubted that the contribution of females is not less than males in the advertising, media and marketing industries.

Unlike other industries, advertising, media and marketing provide the maximum level playing field to women and most of the top industry functions today are being led by women, an industry panel consisting of Babita Baruah, Managing Partner, GT and Anusheela Saha, Group Creative Director, FCB Ulka remarked while speaking the at the fifth edition of the Kyoorius Melt conference. 

The panel was discussing the fair behaviour of the industry towards the women.

According to Saha, “The acid test of hardworking is given to everyone in the advertising and media industry with no gender bias. The no-biasedness environment of our industry gives encouragement to the women who work under this, making them mentally strong and upfront.”

“There is also a given parameter of no special treatment compared to men, which is a great leveler. More and more industries should start gender levelling,” she said.

Speaking on the work culture, Baruah said, “In our industry, the success, responsibilities and failures are shared equally amongst the work force. Our industry embraces and loves women much more compared to other industries,” she added.

Speaking on the subject of gender bias, Saha said, “The source of the idea and work willingness is what matters in our industry. For industries like automobile and electronics, it was more about how to interact with the client, which also seems to change now.”

“The preference of having male employees over females is changing. The stereotypes can be seen vanishing,” Baruah pointed out.

Speaking on advantages to have women in the business, Baruah said, “The values which were considered softer feminine values are today business models.’’

“Sharing, generosity, team spirit and collaboration are one of the key things of a leader today. These are now officially recognised as values that an organisation need in a team. It also makes business sense to have women who fit these criteria to increase the profitability and growth of the business,” Baruah added.

“I think having a voice of a woman in advertising and a creative agency is important because the product purchase decisions are made mostly by women,” said Saha.

According to Baruah, the narrative of media, advertising and marketing industry is changing. “Our industry allows its employees to express more. It makes business value to have women and more number of women in the organisation.”

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