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The life of Sunny Leone, for the first time on television

The documentary, ‘Mostly Sunny’, is about Leone’s journey from the adult industry to Bollywood. It will be telecast on May 24 at 9pm on Discovery Channel, Discovery HD World, TLC, TLC HD World

The transformation of a small-town Canadian girl from a porn star to carving a place for herself in Bollywood, Sunny Leone is the subject of a documentary, ‘Mostly Sunny’, which will be telecast on May 24 at 9 pm on Discovery Channel, Discovery HD World, TLC, TLC HD World.

Mostly Sunny is a portrait of Karenjit Kaur Vaura, who was born into an immigrant Sikh family in the gritty industrial city of Sarnia, Ontario. Rejecting the strict moral code of her culture, she stumbled into the world of pornography (after she shifted, along with her family to Orange County, California) where she adopted the name Sunny Leone. She was crowned “Penthouse Pet of the Year” and became a mega-star in adult films.

Mostly Sunny catches up with Sunny Leone in the midst of the most audacious career shift anyone could imagine.  How would India, the land of her parent’s birth, welcome a former porn star into the world of Bollywood?

Shunned by her community but adored by millions of fans from around the world, her bold move has so far paid off. She has been the most ‘Googled’ celebrity in India for five years, her social media stats are in the multiple millions and the film roles and brand endorsements continue to pour in.

“The story of Sunny Leone is fascinating because it touches on so many relevant and conflicting themes,” says Director Dilip Mehta. “On one hand it’s an immigrant story – but a story unlike any other.  At the same time, it’s a reflection of how in India, culture and religion continue to be a source of conflict with the ‘Western’ way of life’.

Mostly Sunny is directed by filmmaker/photojournalist Dilip Mehta, Executive Producers are David Hamilton and Craig Thompson. Deepa Mehta (Beeba Boys, Midnight’s Children, Water) was Creative Consultant and shares the Co-Writer credit along with Dilip Mehta and Craig Thompson. Mostly Sunny is edited by Decebal Dascau with Dilip Mehta as the Director of Photography.

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