'MOM' is the word for brands

Moms play diverse roles in our life, so there is no dearth of subjects for brands to touch upon. This year too, on the occasion of Mother's Day, brands showed their creative best and came up with amazing campaigns

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'MOM' is the word for brands

There is no end to the debate whether Mother’s Day should be celebrated once a year or if every day is a Mother’s Day. Brands have touched upon vivid topics this year through its campaigns, some bringing smiles on our faces, some giving goose bumps and others bringing tears in our eyes, as we can never thank our moms enough no matter how much we do for them.

While Aegon Life Insurance talks about the sensitive topic of surrogacy, Huggies decided to give some love and care back to moms, Friends Adult Diapers highlights ‘Stress Incontinence’ not many are aware of and Bio-Oil strikes real conversations about the beautiful journey of pregnancy of bringing a life into the world and so on. Read on to know more about the special person we call mother, as Abraham Lincoln so rightly said — “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”  

Aegon Life Insurance


Aegon Life Insurance has launched a digital campaign saluting mothers on the occasion of Mother’s Day, highlighting the efforts made by mothers across social strata to bring a smile on the face of their children.

The brand has taken an unconventional approach to showcase the sensitive topic of ‘Surrogacy’. A mother is the most caring person and truly the ‘No Tension’ partner in anyone’s life. Based on a true event, the film drives home this simple yet strong thought through a brave narrative where a mother decides to become her daughter’s surrogate. The film is directed by Puneet Prakash.



Huggies, the diaper brand from Kimberly-Clark, decided to give some love and care back to moms. The brand wanted to give a gentle nudge to our society. So that people realise that in today’s hectic world, what new moms would appreciate is they get a little attention from their family. It can go a long way in making her challenging days, a bit easier. The campaign was conceptualised and created by Ogilvy, India.

The flagship film narrates the story of a father singing a lullaby but with a twist at the end.

The brand also created charming online tutorials for newbie dads by a newbie dad on ‘how to burp a baby’ and ‘change diapers’.

New moms also spend a lot of time changing diapers. So, as an exclusive first, Huggies created a limited edition ‘Diaper duty’ sample pack with names of family members with each diaper. This makes change-time for the baby as ‘diaper’-duty’ time for a member of the family, to inspire the family to share the change-time responsibility so that moms could get a helping hand, one diaper at a time.


Daddy Tutorials: Burp:

Daddy Tutorials: Change time:

Diaper Duty special pack:

Friends Adult Diapers


This Mother’s Day, Friends Adult Diapers encouraged children to reprimand their moms and tell them #ItsNotOkMom. Mothers always keep us their number one priority and put their health in the least priority. With age, women go through multiple physical changes in their body, one of them being weakening of the muscles and other tissues that support the bladder. This results in a condition called ‘Stress Incontinence’, which is involuntary leakage during coughing, sneezing, laughing and other activities. Often, these symptoms occur after multiple pregnancies too at an early age in women and are ignored by them. According to a research done by Guna Associates in Uro-gynecology and Research for Incontinence (GAURI), three out of 10 women, in the age group of 30 to 50 years, suffer from Stress Incontinence but aren’t aware of it. This is easily curable if detected and treated. However, most people miss doing this at an early stage.

With the objective of spreading awareness about this issue and making women and their families more aware and conscious, Friends Adult Diapers took up this cause and encourages young adults who are most concerned about the well-being of their mothers to take notice and action. The campaign has been conceptualised by Tonic Worldwide.



The journey to motherhood is special and unique for every mother to be. Celebrating this exciting and yet sometimes overwhelming journey, Bio-Oil, the specialist skincare oil brand, unveiled the new edition of its heart-warming campaign #UnstretchedJourney this Mother’s Day. Expecting mothers were invited for a special video shoot of their pregnancy journeys and were taken by surprise when they met celebrity mothers Neha Dhupia and Sania Mirza. What ensued after this surprise was a heartfelt conversation between these mothers about their unstretched pregnancy journeys — real conversations, real issues and many fun moments all caught on camera.

The video is a beautiful compilation of some delightful and exciting conversations between celebrity mothers and real life mothers touching upon personal experiences and emotional moments in a fun rapid-fire format. It ended with a personal anecdote as an advice from a celebrity mom to a mother-to-be.

iD Fresh


iD Fresh, the food products company, asks us to return the love for every #KhaanaKhaaya from our moms. This year marks the culmination of #KhaanaKhaaya, the annual Mother’s Day campaign from the brand. In the culminating film this year, the campaign re-emphasises how we only have so much time with our mothers and we should appreciate every time we get asked #KhaanaKhaaya. It is after all an immutable statement of a mother’s love. In our busy lives, we often take this #KhaanaKhaaya question for granted because we hear it every day. The campaign is conceptualised by Langoor Digital.

The first version of the film campaign released in 2017 was about the relationship between a busy working woman and her mom living in another city. In the second version released in 2018, the film delved into the relationship between a mother and her young son, where #KhaanaKhaaya symbolised all the sacrifices she makes for the kid, the message being about gratefulness.


#AaoMaggiBanaayein #MyFirstCook

Maggi noodles has taken the bold step of showing that a simple act of cooking Maggi can be a powerful life lesson. Parents want to create an environment where teenagers are loved and pampered, and at the same time they are given the right skills so that they are prepared for a successful future. The new campaign rolled out by Maggi noodles revolves around a story of a mother and her son, wherein the mother encourages her son to prepare for life and be independent. This campaign introduces the ‘First Cook’ and celebrates those life moments, which help us grow up and take responsibility.

It has been launched on Hotstar and will be followed by a large-scale television campaign across leading national and regional channels.

Coco Soul


This Mother’s Day, Coco Soul from Marico brought back the generations of goodness that a coconut signifies — in ways that are both modern and exciting. The brand has launched a digital film that triggers nostalgia by asking millennials about their memories of coconuts and how their moms used to give them coconuts in different ways. This brings out the warmth and smiles as they recall how the mothers used to give them coconuts as part of dishes, prasaad and so much more.

The millennials are then given different Coco Soul products to taste that are made using 100% natural coconuts in exciting formats — Coconut Chips, Coconut Spreads and Peanut Coconut Butter. These remind them of how their mothers would love these products and they would want to give them this goodness back for Mother’s Day. The digital film is accompanied by influencers gifting their mother’s hampers and propagating the message of #SuperFoodsforSuperMoms.


Gaana, the music streaming app, has rounded up some of the best emotional and melodic tunes to show how much your mom means to you. Show your mom how much you care by serenading her music's greatest hits, from the songs about what she taught you, to what she represents, to the ache of missing her when you’re away from home.

From the voices of Sonu Nigam, Mohit Chauhan, Asha Bhosle and Kailash Kher among other musical maestros, there’s everything from heavy, poignant to oblique — something is destined to fit whatever sort of relationship you share with your mother.

Gaana Mother’s Day playlist:



Online marketplace Amazon has rolled out a film about the transformative power of a Mother’s touch. A mother’s hand gives us the very special touch in our lives from birth itself. Fussy toddlers, emotional teenagers to overly stressed adults, this film shows us how beautifully we’re shaped into the people that we have become and the entire credit goes to our mothers and their tireless hands. The music in the film is a tribute to many words we have for a ‘mother’, which is reminiscent of the lullabies our moms sang to us as young children.

It has been conceptualised in partnership between D1 Creative and Ogilvy, taking forward the thought behind its #DeliverTheLove campaigns.



ColorPlus, the apparel brand, has introduced a campaign titled #StyledbyMom, an ode to the first stylist of every person’s life — Mothers. The new short film stars Sharman Joshi, Karan Patel and the Meet Brothers. The storyline has a seamless transition between the past and the present, interweaving nostalgia and childhood memories with individual narratives of the actors to highlight the one person our childhoods revolved around. The film features an unknown narrator, asking the actors relevant questions about styling their outfits. It takes a heart-warming turn when the men talk about their best-dressed moments, which mostly happen to be their childhood. And, when they are asked, “Who dressed you up back then?”, the film strikes an emotional chord when all of them respond with the same answer.

The campaign reminds every grown-up about their very first personal stylist and urges them to gift their mothers a slice of joy. A throwback to letting them choose clothes for their sons and celebrate the inherent joy of the simplest gesture of getting styled by mom.

The campaign is conceptualised by Leo Burnett India.

Project Eve


Project Eve, the fashion brand, held a rallying cry with the campaign #KeepMaaOutOfIt, targeted at both men and women in a bid to end society’s habitual disrespect for mothers by breaking the bad habit of using the word ‘Maa’ or the like in an insult.

Conceptualised by integrated advertising agency, Brave New World, the campaign was kicked off at Inorbit Mall, Malad, Mumbai, where a six foot high and 20 foot wide installation was set up that spelled the most popular gaali known to us Indians: ‘Teri Maa Ki.’ Armed with hammers, men, women and children convened around the installation to begin the movement against the abuse of the word ‘Mother’. Their task, to break apart the insult as a symbolic gesture of ending the contempt and reclaiming the purity of the word ‘Maa’. The first blow was made by Bollywood actress and mom herself, Chitrangada Singh, who then invited enthusiastic audiences to bring the structure down to rubble until only the word ‘Maa’ remained standing proud. 

The campaign continues to make waves on social media as hundreds of Indians protest the use of these insults and urge their peers to stop the abuse of a mother’s name. The movement can be followed on social media @MyProjectEve.

Kalyan Jewellers


Kalyan Jewellers, the jewellery brand, kick started its Mother’s Day campaign by hosting social media influencers and bloggers at their flagship showroom in Andheri (W). The event witnessed many renowned social media influencers who visited the showroom with their mothers. As part of this unique initiative, the jewellery brand styled the mother-daughter duo with jewellery from their exquisite jewellery collections. The event concluded with a photo shoot where these lifestyle influencers chose a special piece of jewellery for their mothers. Through this collaboration with the bloggers, Kalyan Jewellers showcased the lavish, personalised and exciting customer experience that brand has to offer.

Celebrating #HerHeartOfGold, the brand ambassadors Katrina Kaif, Shweta Bachchan Nanda and Prabhu Ganesan also marked their participation by taking to Instagram. On Instagram, the celebrities posted a picture of their mother with a short caption expressing their love, respect and affection towards their source of inspiration.


Mother's Day 'MOM' is the word for brands