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Medimix turns 50, relaunches with Parineeti Chopra as its face

The personal care brand is now shifting focus to the youth with the new positioning, ‘Get skinfit with fast acting ayurveda’

Having completed 50 years of its inception in 1969, Medimix, the ayurvedic personal care brand, is now shifting focus to the youth. With its new positioning, ‘Get skinfit with fast acting ayurveda,’ the company is contemporising the brand and connecting with the busy life of the new age consumer. It has roped in Parineeti Chopra as the face of the brand, making the youth feel confident about their association with Medimix.

Expressing her delight over her association with Medimix, Parineeti said, “I am delighted to be associated with Medimix, a brand that I’ve known since the time I was a little girl. The Medimix legacy is truly unique and awe-inspiring, and so is the fact that on their 50th anniversary, they have chosen to revamp the brand in order to establish a connect with the youth. I am truly excited to be a part of the Medimix family and play my part in taking this legacy forward. This is one brand my hometown Ambala will be happy I am associated with.”

Pradeep Cholayil, Chairman and Managing Director, Cholayil Pvt. Ltd., said on the association with Parineeti Chopra, “We are excited to announce Parineeti as the face of Medimix, and it’s a proud moment for us at Cholayil. We are sure that Parineeti Chopra, a National Film Award winner, is a perfect brand-fit and has a universal appeal across regions. Moreover, she has never shied away from appearing ‘natural’ on camera and has an aura of a young, confident, hard-working woman hustling through life — exactly the potential users Medimix is aiming to connect with. We wanted a face for our brand to carry forward our 50-year legacy and were clear that this face would connect with a new, younger audience and at the same time not alienate our core consumers for whom Medimix has become an integral part of their daily life.”

He added, “This year marks the 50th year of Medimix’s journey of providing Ayurvedic goodness. We are repositioning our brand with an objective of contemporising our Ayurvedic offering and becoming relevant to new-age consumers.”

Ashish Ohlyan, Head of Marketing and New Product development, Cholayil Pvt. Ltd., said, “Indian consumers have realised the goodness of natural products and are shifting towards products with less or no chemicals. However, they feel that natural products take a lot of time in providing results, and there is a serious dearth of time and patience in their fast-paced life.”

He added, “Medimix is the largest sold Ayurvedic soap in the world and has been repositioned to bust this myth. Compared to other products, which have 2-3 key ingredients and provide a single skin benefit, Medimix Ayurvedic soap has 18 herbs and natural oils that give a healthy, fit and glowing skin fast. That’s why we have repositioned the brand with ‘Get Skin fit with Fast Acting Ayurveda’. Medimix soap range is paraben-free, vegan and cruelty-free (not tested on animals).”

On the association with Parineeti Chopra, he said, “Medimix is a fast-growing brand and Parineeti signing up as a brand ambassador is sure to add value to it. We wanted an ambassador who would complement brand persona and we feel that Parineeti with her young, bubbly, confident personality fits the brand really well. We aim to enter more households and reach newer summits in the years to come. We’re really excited to welcome Parineeti Chopra as our new brand ambassador.”

Medimix is now available in over 30 countries. It boasts of an impressive portfolio consisting of soaps with four variants (18 herbs, natural glycerine, sandal and turmeric) and face wash with eight (anti-pimple, anti-tan, oil clear, everyday face scrub, moisturising, natural glow, turmeric and anti-pimple face pack).

With the re-launch, Medimix is trying to achieve the goal of emerging as a leader in the space of Ayurveda. “Known for being a pioneer in Ayurvedic skincare space and having delivered quality and effectiveness over the last 50 years, Medimix has an overarching mission to be the product of choice for all, from millennials to the older generation,” said Ashish Ohlyan.

Pranay Anthwal, Executive Director, India, Publicis Entertainment, said on the association with Parineeti Chopra, “Quality of association is undoubtedly the most important factor when partnering with a celebrity. The values of the brand need to reflect for and from its ambassador. The next few years will see Publicis Entertainment focusing on collaborations that will bring to the fore the mutually shared values and commonalities of Medimix and Parineeti, two unique brands that stand apart in themselves.”

Sanju Menon, Executive Vice-President, Leo Burnett, said, “With 50 years of skin expertise, Medimix is re-launching their portfolio with a new promise. As their strategy and communication partner, we decided to bring Parineeti on board to take this new proposition forward. We believe her persona will drive greater connect with younger audiences and give the brand a new impetus. We are excited with the association and hope to drive growth for the brand in the market through it.”

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