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LG Electronics India’s #MyLG initiative garners 10 million organic impressions

Under the #GetInTheFrame, LG and its digital agency IntelliAssist released five frames on Facebook, showcasing one LG product each. All employees were encouraged to use the frames and share their story

Celebrating its 22 years in India, consumer durable major LG Electronics has rolled out two new activities as a part of its employee advocacy programme, ‘My LG’, which garnered 10 million organic impressions.

Under the campaign, every employee ranging from the top cadre to the junior level was invited to participate and the results were fabulous. Under the #GetInTheFrame, LG and its digital agency IntelliAssist released five frames (on Facebook) showcasing one LG product each. Employees were encouraged to use these frames and share their story.

The campaign was started by Ki Wan Kim, Managing Director, and saw participation from not just the corporate office and both manufacturing facilities in Pune and Noida, but also from over 50 branch offices. Additionally, channel partners and about 140 car drivers participated in this fun-filled Facebook activity. It is estimated that in a period of five days, the collective usage of these frames was over 35,000 times. Apart from this, there was another activity, #LGturns22, where employees were asked to wish LG a happy birthday on a Facebook event page.

“A healthy work culture that contributes to the overall development of the employee is increasingly becoming the preferred choice of job seekers. LG understands that employee-friendly policies that nurture mutual cooperation and promote personal goals of the employees are central to ensuring a lasting association. We wanted to celebrate this 22nd milestone with the people who have been a part this journey. We were glad to see the participation for both the activities from across offices. Looking at this overwhelming response, we are motivated to bring more such fun-filled activities under the ‘MyLG’ programme,” said Gunjan Bhattacharya, Head of Culture and Learning and Development.

“I strongly believe that employees are the best brand ambassadors; by launching a formal employee advocacy programme, LG Electronics has opened yet another channel to connect with consumers and prospects. In an age where organic reach on social media platforms is almost dead, #GetInTheFrame campaign garnered an impressive reach. At a conservative estimate, an average Facebook user has about 500 friends and we had over 35,000 instances of frame change. Thus, we are easily talking of over 10 million organic impressions in five days,” said Ami Shah, Founder of IntelliAssist, the digital marketing agency that conceptualised and managed the campaign.

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