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Republic TV completes 100 weeks as No.1 and expands the genre size by a massive 79%

According to the channel, it has 35% of market share across day parts and 44% market share in Super Prime Time

Republic TV on Thursday announced that it is India’s number 1 English news channel continuously for 100 weeks. The achievement also means that the channel has consistently maintained its number 1 viewership position uninterrupted since the day of launch on May 6, 2017.

In a press statement, the channel said, “Arnab Goswami’s team of young, dynamic journalists with ears on the ground across the country, with innovation, insatiable energy and unquenchable drive to seek out the truth has shattered legacy players to smithereens in terms of viewership in the last 100 weeks. Republic TV has expanded the English News genre viewership by 79% (4 weeks comparison of Pre and Post launch of Republic TV).”

“With a big bang launch, Republic TV opened its account with a 49% market share, which was unprecedented within television. Subsequently, the market share of Republic TV has maintained a massive 35% of market share across day parts and 44% market share in Super Prime Time, giving it a consistent No. 1 position. Republic TV has also achieved the distinction of highest stickiness in the genre with 44% more time spent than the next channel in the genre. Republic TV's channels viewership is more than the total viewership of English Business news genre,” the channel said.

Source: (NCCS AB M 22+ | Period: Wk. 19’17 to Wk. 14’19 | Market: India | Time Band: All Time)

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