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GEC Watch: Dangal maintains its lead in U+R and Rural market for Week 14

In the Rural market, Sony SAB grabbed the seventh spot as Star Bharat dropped to the eighth rank. The rest remained unchanged

The BARC's GEC chart for Week 14 didn’t witness much change in the hierarchy but there was a drop in impressions across markets. Dangal continued to rule Urban + Rural and rural. Sony SAB climbed to the seventh spot and Star Bharat dropped to the eighth rank in the Rural market. Star Plus maintained its top spot in the Urban market as the rest of the chart remained unchanged.

Top channels in U+R market


According to BARC data, India HSM (Urban+Rural): NCCS All: 2+ Individuals, for Week 14 (March 30-April 5) of 2019, Dangal maintained the No. 1 position and clocked 1,097 million Impressions (last week 1,164 million Impressions). Big Magic took the second place with 690.358 million Impressions (last week 671.341 million Impressions) followed by Star Plus on third with 624.662 million Impressions (last week 647.209 million Impressions).

Zee TV stayed at the fourth position with 542.504 million Impressions (last week 561.253 million Impressions) while Sony Entertainment Television maintained the fifth rank with 500.899 million Impressions (last week 520.214 million Impressions). Colors took the sixth position and clocked 496.297 million Impressions (last week 505.133 million Impressions), followed by Sony SAB on seventh with 427.423 million Impressions (last week 403.290  million Impressions). Star Bharat with 279.859 million Impressions (last week 306.193 million Impressions) stayed at the eighth rank, followed by &TV at ninth with 150.225million Impressions (last week 165.309 million Impressions) and Star Utsav on No.10 with 124.911 million Impressions (last week 131.127 million Impressions).


Top shows in U+R market

Dangal’s two shows Mahima Shanidev Ki and Ramayan grabbed top two spots. Dangal’s Mahima Shanidev Ki registered 11.358 million Impressions while Ramayan clocked 11.254 million Impressions. Zee Anmol’s Kumkum Bhagya took the third spot with 10.354 million Impressions while the channel’s another show Kundali Bhagya grabbed the fourth rank with 9.518 million Impressions. Colors' Naagin 3 was placed at the fifth spot, logging 8.585 million Impressions.

Top channels in Urban market

In Week 14, Star Plus stayed at the top spot with 430.733 million Impressions (last week 439.726 million Impressions) while Sony Entertainment Television took the second position, registering 367.022 million Impressions (last week 381.808 million Impressions). Colors stayed at the third spot, registering 334.984 million Impressions (last week 342.162 million Impressions) followed by Zee TV at the fourth position with 328.466 million Impressions (last week 331.473 million Impressions). Sony SAB and Dangal maintained the fifth and sixth ranks. Sony SAB clocked 314.719 million Impressions (last week 298.908 million Impressions) whereas Dangal garnered 252.715 million Impressions (last week 271.233 million Impressions). Star Bharat clocked 190.938 million Impressions (last week 201.755 million Impressions) at the seventh position. It was followed by Big Magic at eighth position with 157.029 million Impressions (last week 153.403 million Impressions). &TV at ninth spot clocked 120.712 million Impressions (last week 129.962 million Impressions) and Star Utsav at No. 10 with 81.377 million Impressions (last week 81.785 million Impressions).


Top 5 shows in Urban

Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya took the lead with 6.081 million Impressions followed by Star Plus’ Kulfi Kumar Bajewala at the second spot with 6.021 million. Zee TV's Kundali Bhagya took the third rank with 5.825 million Impressions. Colors’ Naagin 3 at fourth place clocked 5.729 million Impressions (last week 7.051 million Impressions), followed by Sony Entertainment Television’s The Kapil Sharma Show on the fifth spot with 5.570 million Impressions.

Top channels in Rural market

Dangal remained at No. 1 position and clocked 845.200 million Impressions (last week 889.036 million Impressions). Big Magic followed at the second spot with 533.329 million Impressions (last week 517.938  million Impressions). Zee TV stayed in the third position with 214.038 million Impressions (last week 229.780  million Impressions). Star Plus          maintained its fourth position and clocked 193.929 million Impressions (last week 207.483 million Impressions) followed by Colors at fifth spot with 161.313 million Impressions (last week 162.971 million Impressions). Sony Entertainment Television stayed at sixth spot with 133.877 million Impressions (last week 138.406 million Impressions). Sony SAB climbed to the seventh spot with 112.704 million Impressions (last week 104.382 million Impressions) as Star Bharat dropped to the eighth rank with 88.920 million Impressions (last week 104.437 million Impressions). Sony Pal stayed at the ninth place and clocked 54.267 million Impressions (last week 59.911 million Impressions). Star Utsav enter the chart at No.10 with 43.534 million Impressions (last week 180.390 million Impressions) while DD National went out of the list.

Top shows in Rural market

Dangal’s shows grabbed top four slots while Big Magic took the fifth place. Dangal’s Mahima Shanidev Ki at first rank grabbed 9.264 million Impressions followed by Ramayan at second with 9.221 million Impressions and Saibaba at third with 5.938 million Impressions. The channel’s fiction drama Bandini took fourth place with 5.393 million Impressions. Big Magic’s Maharakshak Aryan at fifth rank registered 5.094 million Impressions.

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