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SBI reaches out to aspiring home owners with new campaign

The campaign, created by Rediffusion, comprises a series of five films, each showcasing a convenient home loan solution by SBI designed for specific a customer segment/requirement

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State Bank of India has launched a new multi-media campaign titled ‘#HoSaktaHai’, with the aim of reaching out to aspiring home owners with a slew of innovative solutions.

The campaign, created by Rediffusion, comprises a series of five films, each showcasing a convenient home loan solution by SBI designed for specific customer segment/requirement. The films have got a great traction online with a combined reach of over 50 million views.

The films show a doll  waiting to dance at a wedding, a golf kit gathering dust, a sitar pining away since forever, a car that’s sitting in a garage of neglect and an elephant that’s suffocating in packing (inside a wrapping) paper. Then comes the voiceover, which says all dreams can be fulfilled with east home loans from SBI.

Dinesh Menon

Dinesh Menon, Chief Marketing Officer, SBI said, “While home loan is a highly involved product category, most advertising in the category lacks adequate engagement and appeal from a communication perspective. Hence, it was important for us to not only ensure the brand story gets heard but discussed and recalled as well, amid all the clutter and fragmented media consumption.  We are delighted at this bunch of films, which have a poetic charm to them and are certainly clutter-breaking.  We adopted a digital-first approach and are happy to see that it has resonated well with different target audiences, each piece of communication has been designed to address. We are optimistic this campaign will certainly augur well for our home loans business and stir some category conversation.’’     

Rahul Jauhari

Rahul Jauhari, Joint President & Chief Creative Officer, Rediffusion, said, “While the intention was to be different and clutter-breaking, we focused on bringing alive the constraints faced by aspiring home buyers. Very often, they don’t take the plunge because they don’t have a loan option that suits their specific challenges. It was refreshing to have the client not just demand, but also back a brave idea to the hilt.”

Navonil Chatterjee

Navonil Chatterjee, Joint President & Chief Strategy Officer, Rediffusion, said, “This campaign is all about the strange 'mathematics of emotion'. We are promoting something like home loans, which are worth lakhs and crores, with small, inexpensive objects like dancing dolls and toy elephants that cost just a few hundred bucks. But these inanimate objects are what people dream of decorating and enlivening their new houses with. And this is where emotion trumps mathematics by loosening the purse-strings, by tugging at the heart-strings!"

Pramod Sharma

Pramod Sharma, Executive Creative Director, Rediffusion, said, “The idea was simple, yet the execution was quite challenging. Piyush Raghani and the production team did a great job of bringing our vision to life. We paid special attention to get the right voice casting for each film. In fact, for the Golf Kit film, we got Swanand Kirkire, as the texture of his voice was perfect for the film.”

The Films:


Client: State Bank of India

Dinesh Menon, Ravi Motwani

Agency: Pramod Sharma, Manoj Kumar Bhagat, Rahul Jauhari, Navonil Chatterjee, Hari Desikan, Siddhant Lahiri, Avik Choudhury, Binu Thomas Joseph, Harish Mishra

Production House: Piyush Raghani, Shiven Surendranath, Rocky


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