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TataNx launches Zero Sugar for the health conscious, takes to digital to promote product

Tata Nx Zero Sugar from Tata Chemicals has launched various digital campaigns with the help of Ogilvy and IntelliAssist

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Tata Chemicals has recently launched Tata Nx, a brand that envelopes nutritional solutions of the company. One of the first products by Tata Nx is Zero Sugar, a 100% natural sweetener made from stevia herb extract and lactose (used as a bulking agent). Ogilvy and IntelliAssist came together to create digital campaigns across various social media for the brand.

The brief given to the agencies was that Tata Nx Zero Sugar wanted to emphasise on the benefits of stevia, which is a zero-calorie sweetener. The campaign that was run for 75 days made an attempt to create awareness that all sugar substitutes aren’t equal. The brand wished to achieve this making use of scientific evidences.

Further, Tata Nx wanted to mass socialise their bio-easy philosophy. Positioned as a natural sweetener, the task at hand for the brand was to create awareness for the product category as well as the brand. Also, encouraging trials for Zero Sugar has been the key focus for Tata Nx.

It was essential for the brand to create awareness about the benefits of sugar substitutes, especially stevia, through social media. The brand put in place a media and content strategy, long- and short-format content were utilised.

Articles titled, “Label-conscious parents prefer stevia-based beverages for their children”; “Is 40 the New 30: Stop Debating; Make it Happen!”; and “7 Stages that every "borderline" diabetes goes through” were created on the brand microsite. The articles were shared on several social media websites, and had an average read time of two minutes and thirty-eight seconds.

Other website engagements such as video views, poll participation, request for trials and request for discounts had also been initiated for the brand.

Since Zero Sugar is suitable for people who have been asked to reduce their sugar intake, two videos targeted at diabetics and borderline diabetics were produced by the brand. These videos were premiered on YouTube and Facebook. In addition to video views, the brand tracked user polls that were created using YouTube Cards and Facebook Video Polls.

Social media content was created in sets of six to seven posts; campaigns such as Stevia Super Hero was devised to encourage more people to adopt and advocate the use of Stevia; such men and women were recognised as #SteviaMen and #SteviaWomen.

Another campaign that compared natural and artificial sweeteners was planned to convey key messages, in which the content was strictly based on scientific evidences.

The brand made use of snackable content, topicals and pop-culture to advocate the goodness of Zero. When Shah Rukh Khan launched the trailer of his anticipated movie, Zero, on his birthday, Tata Nx used the correlation between Zero and 300 crore and connected it to Zero Sugar.

Stevia has zero calories and is said to be 300 times sweeter than sugar. In addition to wishing Shah Rukh Khan on his birthday, and talking of the earning potential of his movie Zero, Tata Nx also added their punch-line #RakhoMithaasBarkarar (keep sweetness intact) in their post.

The brand tweet managed to catch the attention of many cinema enthusiasts and a prominent business analyst, Atul Mohan, was all praises for this campaign by Tata Nx Zero Sugar as he replied to the tweet saying, “Not just the audiences, Tata is also excited about #ZeroTrailer. Nice post @TataNxIndia”.

Similarly, on the day when Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh tied the knot, the brand wished 100% happiness to the couple. And very recently, the brand lauded the Indian cricket team stating ‘We Finally Zeroed in on Australia’.

Over 25 million impressions and 1 million engagements were recorded across platforms in a period of 75 days. Brand microsite visits increased by over 500%.

"Today’s hectic lifestyle demands a lot from the body and to stay healthy, one requires the right nutrition. Tata Nx is a new-age range of nutritional solution specially crafted for today’s health-conscious generation. Each ingredient in the Tata Nx product portfolio pipeline has been carefully chosen to meet the nutritional needs. Now our efforts are concentrated on creating mass awareness. And our biggest bet to create mass awareness is the digital media," says Anangla LKR, Marketing Manager, Tata Chemicals.

“The task on hand is to create awareness and to drive product trial. Our campaigns make use of text, illustration and emoticon to convey key messages to relevant audiences. We've been making use of zero in several creatives to emphasise on zero-calorie goodness that Stevia brings along," says Ami Shah, co-founder of IntelliAssist.

The Videos:

Social media campaign:


Client: Tata Chemicals

Digital Agency: IntelliAssist

Creative Director: Ami Shah

Brand Consultant: Surbhi Chawla

Account Manager: Simran Jain

Creative Team: Daisy Anthony, Suyash Bajaj

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