'Shortcuts' from Voot Originals is all about twisted tales and edgy ends

12 short films produced by Tipping Point are targeted for personal consumption on a mobile or a tablet. The opening set of 'Shortcuts' will showcase Derma, Googly, Joy Ride, Bauma and Chacha and Cheetah's trip starting February 8

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'Shortcuts' from Voot Originals is all about twisted tales and edgy ends

Ajit Andhare and Akash Banerji with the Cast of various shortfilms from VOOT Originals, 'Shortcuts'

The 12-brand new short films by Voot Originals ‘Shortcuts’, produced by Tipping Point (A Viacom18 Studios Production), an array of intense and off-beat thriller dramas, are all set to give viewers a paraphernalia of emotions. Spread across multiple genres of drama, adventure and mystery with varied plots set across India, Voot will offer raw and edgy content.

A tattoo that changes a regular man’s life, a mundane twist of the tap that spirals a boy in his past and a dead husband’s eyes that continues to suffocate a troubled wife — these stories will challenge viewers’ imagination.

An ensemble cast featuring Barun Sobti, Mona Singh, Akshara Hasan along with directors such as Debatma Mandal and Vikas Chandra, Voot will entertain viewers across India.

Speaking about Shortcuts, Akash Banerji, Head Marketing and Partnerships, Viacom 18 Digital Ventures, said, “At Voot, we have been focused on providing high-decibel engagement and an immersive content experience to our users.  Voot Original Shortcuts Produced by Tipping Point allows us to leverage synergies and add to the content diversity of Voot. We are sure that the distinctive narrative and unique storytelling is sure to intrigue audiences and gather significant interest.”

Commenting on the launch, Ajit Andhare, COO, Viacom18 Studios, said, “The purpose of Tipping Point is to tell edgy, provocative stories and narratives missed out in the mainstream. These are targeted for personal consumption on a mobile or a tablet. Our maiden production for Voot in the form of 12 exciting short films seeks to make a big impact among digital viewers with this eclectic bunch of stories.”

The opening set of ‘Shortcuts’ will showcase Derma, Googly, Joy Ride, Bauma and Chacha and Cheetah’s trip starting February 8 followed by Glitch, Grey, Aun and Teaspoon going live on February 22. Bringing in the womanhood, Voot will showcase Maya, On the Road and Red Velvet on March 8 to celebrate Woman’s Day with its viewers.

A quick introduction to the stories:

  • Derma: The story of a man whose life turns upside down after he gets a tattoo made by a mystical man in the mountains.  The intriguing saga is a unique take on the circle of Karma.
  • Joyride: A road trip that takes Raunak amid the wilderness on an unusual road trip, ignoring the perils of a menacing folktale as challenged by his friend. What follows is an extraordinary tale of the unforeseen.
  • Bouma (Bengali): Set in the heart of Kolkata, Bouma is the story of a middle-aged couple in the 1960s, living their mundane lives. A nagging husband is diagnosed with cancer and the wife agrees to donate his organs to his scientist friend after he dies. What she does with her husband’s still-conscious head after death culminates to a climax, which is both funny and dark.
  • Chacha and Cheetah’s trip will take the protagonists on an adventure of a lifetime. It is a story of two marijuana enthusiasts who after smoking the mythical and legendary windmill joint take an unusual trip.
  • Ishq Ki Googly: A story of a husband who plans to murder the illicit lover of his wife, but things go bizarrely out of plan, thereby compelling him to play this game of love.
  • Teaspoon: Series of incidents become ingredients for a Molotov cocktail that leads to a disturbing end.
  • Red Velvet: What happens when unusual incidents take place at a household when a 10-year-old boy enters home.
  • On the Road: A story with unusual coincidences happening on a night drive with Aravind on the way home.
  • AUN A(U)N Usual Day: Aun details the problem faced by a photographer against a tribal man who lacks wisdom due to the dearth of human interaction.
  • Maya: Maya is the story of a young independent working woman living in Mumbai with her mother, who suffers from incontinence.
  • Grey: A unique take on a murder, investigation between an autistic man and an inane cop.
  • Glitch: An interesting tale of time traveling.

Launched in May 2018, ‘Tipping Point’ is the digital content brand of Viacom18 Studios that focuses on creating contemporary, engaging and path breaking, content for online audiences. The brand extends the Viacom18 Studios’ ethos of unconventional narratives with a host of web series, short films and non-traditional formats.

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