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Scott Bedbury says it’s a great time to be transparent

On the third and last day of the IAA World Congress, the CEO of Brandstream reflects on how a clear and well-defined purpose can bring the world together

Scott Bedbury

“Everyone has a need to love someone and be loved by someone too,” said Scott Bedbury, CEO, Brandstream, on the third day of the IAA World Congress held in Kochi.

Bedbury reiterated the point about being purpose-driven. “Serving a noble, meaningful and enduring purpose, rooted in human needs — that’s what great brands do,” he said.

It’s about what separates the world and what unites the world together. “A badly executed, vague purpose can tear the world apart. A clear, well-defined purpose can bring the world together,” he added.

Gaining recognition, being valued and respected and meaning something to someone — that’s what everyone wants. “It is necessary to understand these touchpoints and trigger them in a right manner,” suggested Bedbury.

Bringing out a sense of belongingness is one of the most powerful statements made by a brand. “Great brands know the most meaningful moments in the world around them and know how to make the most of them too,” Bedbury said.

There is a lot of distraction, distortion and disruption in the world. In this age when so much is happening, it is required for brands to be more fully present. “To be more fully present in the moments that matter — big and small — is to be more superhuman,” he explained.

In this digital age, “It’s a great time to be transparent. It's a great time to be purpose-driven. It's a great time to be superhuman,” he added.

“In a hyper-transparent, connected and viral world, a legacy or reputation won't happen at the end of the career. It will happen every time you leave the room,” he concluded.

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