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Human emotions not getting their due in digital era, says Piyush Pandey

On Day 2 of the event, Pandey highlighted advertising work based around human emotions and how it still resonates with people. He spoke on the dharma of brands and how they can bring in a social change

Piyush Pandey

Human emotions are under threat in the digital world, feels renowned ad man Piyush Pandey.

Speaking on Day 2 of the IAA World Congress in Kochi, Pandey, Global Chief Creative Officer, O&M, emphasised the need for sustainability in emotions.


“A lot of people spoke about sustainability, climate change and everything. I would like to draw your attention to sustainability of human emotions that are under threat in the digital world,” he pointed out.

Pandey said human emotions need to be given their due significance and shouldn’t be ignored.

People under medical care should not be disturbed. “Medical research says emotional support is as useful as medical support,” he said.

He raised a few questions, “Are we talking to each other enough? Are we so caught up that we don't care?”

It’s about brands taking the initiative. Brands can make a social change. “They can help us be better human beings,” he said.

Even with the invention of technology and with WhatsApp, Skype and Facetime, Pandey feels that personal interface can never be matched by these communication tools.

He explained how big brands, with their efforts, can make an impact through their messaging, which works like magic.

“You have to continue to drive these messages for people to realise. I salute brands that prefer such messaging,” he said.

He felt sad about how these days expression of love is sending parents to old-age homes. “They didn't leave you when you were born, then why leave them when they are old,” he questioned.

“Sustainability in environment is to make life longer but sustainability in relationship is to love and enjoy life,” Pandey said.

He also highlighted the philosophy of Dharma for brands.

“When I write in Hindi, I write Dharm and in Roman phonetics, I'll write Dharma,” said Pandey.

“Dharma is learnings of our predecessor and their predecessors about karma. It's this learning that makes us a good global citizen. Dharma is a philosophy and karma is work,” he added.


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