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Campus Bazaar launched, to offer millennials best tailor-made deals online

The application launched by Graphene Media on January 2, 2019, works as an agent between consumers and brands by aggregating consumers’ demands for clients at the requested price

With a rapid growth in digitisation and big spending power, millennials have driven a shift in the consumption basket of the market. With India having 34% of its population as born digital natives, most of the brands in the market have personalised or tailor-made solutions that fit millennials’ needs.

Tapping these needs of generation Y, who is a regular and frequent user of internet throughout the shopping journey looking for pocket-friendly deals, Graphene Campus Connect, a subsidiary of Graphene media, has launched an online group buying application, Campus Bazaar for millennials.


The application launched on January 2, 2019, helps millennials to get the best deals from the brands they want online.

Amol Mohandas

"We do not offer deals to the consumers. We ask them what they want which comes much tailored for them. Nowadays brands bombard customers with various offers and deals. We don't offer deals to consumers. We do not push the demand/supply, we pull the demand. It is all about me as a millennial what I want at what price," said Amol Mohandas, Executive Vice-President, Graphene Media.

Mohandas told, that the application plays the role of an agent between the consumer and the brand.

He added, “For the clients, we are generating sales’ channel, whatever bulk sales come for clients, they have an opportunity to not lose out on a customer who has gone on an e-commerce site but wants the same product at a cheaper price.”

Targeting the college students across India, who is a critical market for online purchase of many product categories, the app presents consumers the best offers from brands, on the basis of demand aggregation.

With an outreach of more than 2000+ campuses, 6 million students across 90 cities, Graphene Campus Connect with its infrastructure around digital space has launched the application to fit its feet firmly in the youth ecosystem.

The application offers youth to request any product across various categories like electronics, scientific calculators, lifestyle products, entertainment items, gifting items, bikes, helmets, bicycles and much more.

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