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Too Yumm! Karare is baked and not fried

Conceptualised by Mullen Lintas, Guiltfree Industries Limited in its latest TVC introduces the mouth-watering but healthy snacking option with the tagline Bahar se tedha, andhar se seedha

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Guiltfree Industries Limited, the FMCG division of the RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group, has showcased the all new Too Yumm! Karare in its latest TVC. Putting emphasis on health and without any compromise on taste, the TVC is tagged as ‘Bahar se tedha, andhar se seedha’.

Conceptualised by Mullen Lintas, the 30-seconder features cricketer Virat Kohli. The opening scene of the TVC captures a lady walking into an airport lounge, where she notices Kohli also waiting and munching on a snack. She sits next to Kohli, and opens her own packet of fried snacks and starts eating it. Each describe the taste of the snack they are eating as tasty and crunchy, this makes the lady slightly curious. Putting the suspense to rest, Kohli finally reveals that his snack is the new Too Yumm! Karare, exactly like hers, but not fried and only baked.

Anupam Bokey, VP Marketing (CMO), RP-SG FMCG, said, “We are absolutely thrilled about the new Karare launch. This is the sixth innovative product from the house of Too Yumm, which effortlessly marries taste with health. Consumers are more receptive to products that they can relate to. This has driven us to introduce Karare, where we have pushed the taste to a higher level, while still staying true to the core promise of Too Yumm!, which is ‘baked not fried’. Our campaign idea of ‘Bahar se tedha, andhar se seedha’ captures the thought of being tasty from outside while still being healthy from inside, very succinctly. We believe this will make our product offering more mainstream and appeal to a much wider set of consumers.”

Garima Khandelwal, Executive Creative Director, Mullen Lintas, said, “With the launch of this new snack in the portfolio, we are taking the competition head-on. To land Too Yumm's differentiated benefit of being baked and healthier but as tasty as its fried competitive product, we drew reference from the category for the advertising and arrived at the campaign idea ‘Bahar se tedha, andhar se seedha’. We wanted to land that Karare is as twisted and tasty as the competition, but there is only goodness inside.”

Priya Balan, Sr. Vice-President, Mullen Lintas, said, “Too Yumm Karare campaign is based on a simple insight of how consumers rationalise their unhealthy snacking choice and are cynical about healthier new products because they believe it won’t be quite the same palette experience. Our brand ambassador Virat Kohli charmingly debunks this myth with the line ‘Bahar se tedha, andhar se seedha’. That’s because Karare is the product format that is a big favourite with consumers but with a key health differentiation by virtue of it being baked, not fried. We are looking forward to exciting times in the category.”

It is available in unique flavour combinations like Chilli Achari, Garlic Peri-Peri, Munchy Masala, Noodle Masala and Southern Spicy at Rs 5, Rs 10 and Rs 20 SKUs. Baked, rather than fried, exalts the brand in offering a healthier and tastier snacking option.

The TVC:


Client: Too Yumm


Anupam Bokey, Shalin Desai, Ganesh Shashank, Nilanjana Mitra

Agency: Mullen Lintas, Mumbai

Creative: Amer Jaleel, Garima Khandelwal, Ashwin Joharapurkar, Ripanka Kalita, Shashank Salaskar, Chandni Dave

Account Management: Virat Tandon, Priya Balan, Samir Sagar, Jatin Jethi 

Planning: Ekta Relan 

Production House: Nirvana Films

Production team: Kishore Iyer (Director)

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