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Red FM’s Santa urges Bengaluru residents to quit smoking

The initiative ‘Cigarette Santa’ created awareness among people on the ill-effects of smoking. It asked the authorities to have stringent rules on public smoking by educating its listeners for a smoke-free lifestyle

Red FM came up with ‘Cigarette Santa’ campaign to help the citizens of Bengaluru to quit smoking and live a healthy life this Christmas.

In Karnataka, passive smoking is high with 44.3 % of adults at home and 37.2% in public places exposed to it and one in every three adults in the state is a tobacco user. The radio network took the cause of cigarette smoking, a cause of social significance to Bengaluru residents.


Santa went to catch hold of smokers around the city. He carried a bin along with him and encouraged smokers to stub their cigarettes. He then collected the cigarette butts from them in exchange of a gift of life and urged them to quit smoking.

Earlier B. Surendar, Chief Operating Officer, Red FM, said, “Red FM as a brand is always known for providing high-quality entertainment with a purpose. Over the past few years, we had successfully executed several hi-impact CSR activities under the banner ‘Bajao for a cause’. In our latest initiative titled ‘Cigarette Santa’, we are using the festive ambience to create awareness among Bengaluru residents on the ill-effects of smoking and passive smoking. Other than engaging listeners on radio and digital platforms, we are also doing an innovative and interesting on-ground campaign focused on public smoking in particular. Going by the strong and enthusiastic response till now, I am convinced we have taken up the right issue, which is of huge concern not just in Bengaluru but all over Karnataka.”


The exciting ‘Cigarette Santa’ campaign has been inspired from the popular belief that Santa Claus arrives with presents on Christmas Eve. The twist in ‘Cigarette Santa’ is to help people have a prosperous cigarette-free New Year. Red FM also evoked the authorities to have stringent rules on public smoking by educating its listeners for a smoke-free lifestyle.

Earlier, Manjunath Prasad, Commissioner BBMP said, “Smoking has always been one of the biggest concerns. In India, a million deaths happen every year due to smoking and consuming tobacco products. This is an alarming issue and it is important to revisit the law in existence against smoking in public places. Red FM sensitises this through their campaign and is commendable to see how they have amalgamated a fun element to discourage people from smoking. We would urge more corporates to come up with such innovative and fun campaigns for the public interest.”


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