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Lodha Group reaches out to new-age NRIs with a video campaign A Place Called Home

Lodha Group helps an NRI parent establish a connect between his child and home country in a meaningful way. The video conceptualised by Social Kinnect shows how a Lodha property offers the perfect blend of international luxury and Indian culture

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While a first-generation NRI still considers India as his or her original ‘home’, the child finds it harder to connect. The Lodha Group has launched a video campaign titled 'A Place Called Home' to reach out to this specific target audience.

Speaking about the campaign, Viral Oza, Chief Marketing Officer at the Lodha Group, said, “The sentiment attached to a home in India for an NRI goes far deeper than just the house itself. It is a complex balance of roots, family and culture on the one hand and a lifestyle, which they are used to on the other. Capturing and reflecting this sentiment and balance is what the campaign seeks to do because we have always endeavoured to build enriching lifestyles through our products and services that allow for these memories and roots to form effortlessly for next-generation NRI homebuyers without compromising on their lifestyles.”

Conceptualised by independent digital agency Social Kinnect, the video relies on the power of evocative storytelling to get the brand’s message across. It showcases the life of three generations of an NRI family, one that has brought their child to India for the first time. This child hardly sees India as his home but soon understands the beauty of living with a larger family in India in a vibrant Lodha property. The child realises that one can truly feel at home in a place one own even if it is in an unfamiliar country, thus driving home the message, ‘Come home to the best, come home to Lodha’.

With this video campaign, the Lodha Group aims to answer the question — how does an NRI parent help his child resonate with his home country in a meaningful way while not compromising on his lifestyle? The video highlights the fact that a Lodha property offers the perfect blend of international luxury and Indian culture with its world-class properties and luxurious amenities.

Chandni Shah

On the video, Chandni Shah, COO at Social Kinnect, said, “This campaign is heavy on content and concept, and really allows Lodha to resonate with an audience that is important to them. We are thrilled to create content that helps NRIs go back to their roots. We hope to continue to create such relevant and relatable video campaigns for Lodha in 2019 as well.”

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Client: Lodha Group

Agency: Social Kinnect

Production: Kinnect Productions

Campaign Name: A Place Called Home


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