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Dalda urges us to offer first bite of every meal to women of the household

Dalda Cooking Oils partnered with Leo Burnett and OMD India to create the #PehleTum campaign, asking us to let the homemaker be a part of the dinner table along with the entire family. The campaign reached over 14 million people through various touchpoints and won several laurels

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Most households in our country still follow an age-old tradition of women taking sole responsibility of cooking for the entire family and eating only after ensuring everyone else in the household had eaten. In order to shun this practice, Dalda Cooking Oils partnered with Leo Burnett and OMD India to create the #PehleTum (‘You First’) campaign, urging husbands and families to offer the first bite of every meal to the women of their household.

OMD utilised a mix of media, with each medium planned and integrated in a manner that added relevance, weightage and a new meaningful layer to the core communication of #PehleTum. This ensured the message was delivered to the entire ecosystem surrounding Dalda’s target audience, women aged 25-50, in order to influence real change. The campaign achieved an overwhelming response, reaching over 14 million people through various touchpoints, while increasing brand recommendation for Dalda Cooking Oils by 85%.

The film opens in a restaurant set-up where the waiter is seen serving only the male guests. On asking, the waiter says the women will be served later. The male guests get angry with the waiter when the manager steps in to say it was just a joke. But he raises an important question: why are women often the last to eat at home. When they give their support in life’s ups and downs, then why are they left behind at the dining table?

Priti Murthy

Priti Murthy, CEO, OMD India, said, “I am extremely proud of the team for their media approach on this campaign, facilitating the amplification of such an important message in today’s society. It is a testament to the brave work we do at OMD India to help our clients cut through the clutter and generate real impact for their brands.”

Milind Acharya, Marketing Head, Bunge India, added, “Advertising has always been a reflection of the society. As one of the oldest and trusted brands, Dalda carries a responsibility towards bringing to life some of the human elements to have a larger conversation. A very simple insight that led to #PehleTum was; with changing times, shouldn’t the homemaker be a part of the dinner table along with the entire family which in our society is an important aspect, where family matters are also discussed. We attempted to put this onus on the male members of the family to invite her to take her rightful place. As Dalda oil is an integral part of any meal, the homemaker is also an integral and equal part of the family and all related matters. Recognition of the campaign and its thought encourages us to continue such efforts, which are relevant for the brand, the consumer and the society.”

OMD India’s #PehleTum campaign for Dalda Cooking Oils has picked up the award for ‘Best Integrated Marketing Campaign’ at the Drum’s Social Purpose Awards 2018 in London. It also won the Mumbrella Award for Bravery at the Mumbrella Asia Awards 2018, recognising the agency’s use of integrated media to proliferate the #PehleTum message for Bunge India’s Dalda Cooking Oil brand.

The Campaign:

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