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Content marketing and personalised approach to rule as mobile consumption will go up in 2019: Sumeet Singh, CMO, InfoEdge

Singh tells how the company’s data science team is working on deep learning, machine learning and technological tools to improve algorithms to serve customers better

Sumeet Singh

In a market like India where data rates are comparatively lower, a shift has happened from desktop to mobile consumption. The users’ entry point has now become the mobile device. With more people coming online, data usage has become high. Keeping it in mind, brands have started focusing on personalising their applications for users, to become more user-friendly, providing the right content.

With a large UI and UX division and a business analytics division that started in 2007, Info Edge is focused on developing more user-friendly mobile applications for its products,,, quadrangle and With its data science team that works on deep learning, machine learning, and technological tools to improve algorithms and serve customers better, the company believes in the philosophy of investing in technology and creating innovative products. Info Edge enjoys 76% share in the market of job portal sites via


Talking to, Sumeet Singh, Chief Marketing Officer, Info Edge, shared her thoughts on making the journey of customers more personalised using artificial intelligence, deep learning technologies and apt content.

She said, “In all our businesses, the matching is very important. How the journey of finding such matches can become more personalised is what we are working on, where AI and machine learning play a very big role. These deep learning technologies help in the journey of personalisation by driving out good recommendations for users.”


Predicting about the digital trends for the year 2019, Singh said with a decline in the number of desktops, and increase in consumption of mobile with low internet data rates, content marketing is going to be a trend in the market since people have time to consume content. 65%-70% of the traffic on is via mobile while on, it is 85%-95%. Mobile has become centre stage and its format keeps changing.

“Mobile is really going to rule. There will be people who are going to access internet via mobile only. Consumption is really going up since we are one of those countries where data charges are low. Content marketing is going to be the trend because with data usage going up, you have the time to consume content,” she said.


In this digital age, a lot of fragmentation happened. Multiple channels and social media platforms have made the audience scattered, which has become a challenge for marketers. She said, “As a marketer, we should be careful of what we are serving since there are so many different formats like videos, text, GIFs. Users from different mindset are accessing various platforms and to be a successful advertiser, you need to keep in mind the context that you offer.”

Info Edge through its Corporate Development Division has also invested in start-ups like Zomato, Policy Bazaar, Happily Unmarried, etc. where the company finds a sync in the synergies with others.


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