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Zee5 goes international, launches ‘Dil se Desi’ campaign to celebrate our ‘desiness’

Conceptualised by Publicis Worldwide, through the campaign, the brand is trying to attract the Indian diaspora who craves for digital language content. It also highlights the strong sense of belonging and connect with one’s roots felt by every South Asian living abroad

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Zee5 has launched its global campaign ‘Dil se Desi’, officially marking the digital platform’s entry into the international market. Crafted by Publicis Capital, the campaign is an ode to Indians and South Asians around the world, ‘Dil se Desi’, announcing the arrival of Zee5, a comprehensive digital entertainment platform for language content, in APAC, Africa and MENA and very soon, in Europe, Canada and Caribbean. It is brought to life in a vibrant TVC that is a celebration of our ‘desiness’, intricately weaving together our eccentricity with what innately defines us and therefore binds us; our language, our culture and our entertainment.

The film shows the fusion of desi and foreign culture in a very quirky way. The traditional mehndi is replaced by a funky henna tattoo; payals (anklets) are paired with stilettos, and rap replaces classical as the new embraces the old — in its own inimitable style. Upping the cool quotient of ‘desi’ by several notches and capturing the essence of ‘desi’ pride, it also highlights the strong sense of belonging and connect with one’s roots felt by every South Asian living abroad. They celebrate all festivals together irrespective of their religion or culture in a foreign land. The film ends by saying that Zee5 gives a dose of desiness to all the Indiana who miss their regional culture.

Amit Goenka

Amit Goenka, CEO, Zee International and Z5 Global, said, “In the first leg of our international foray, we intend to capture the hearts of South Asians across the globe and I think our campaign, ‘Dil se Desi’ does this beautifully.”

Archana Anand

Archana Anand, Chief Business Officer, Zee5 Global, said, “Interestingly, both this campaign ‘Dil se Desi’ and the Zee5 India launch campaign we rolled out in February 2018, ‘Apni bhasha mein feel hai’, have their genesis in the same insight; that Indians and indeed South Asians today, irrespective of where they live or how globally connected they are, are fundamentally rooted in their culture and feel a strong sense of pride and belonging. Being ‘desi’ today has moved from being just cool to being an intrinsic part of one’s identity; and that’s what Zee5 taps into. The emotion that whoever or whatever I am on the outside, on the inside I am ‘Dil se Desi’ and I not only embrace, but celebrate who I am.”

“When living in a different country, it’s the language, festivals, food, movies and music that keeps you connected to home and gives you a sense of pride and belonging, and hence ‘Dil se Desi’. Zee5 also celebrates this sense of belonging with its all-encompassing focus on languages across both its content and user experience, and is ‘Dil se Desi’ in itself. With over 100,00 hours of content across 12 languages, Zee5 is sure to quickly become the only choice for South Asians in any country to access Indian content online, and immediately connect to home,”  Anand added.

Bobby Pawar

Bobby Pawar, Chief Creative Officer and Managing Director, Publicis Worldwide (India), said, “There is something that happens when people from South Asia move abroad. We become one vibrant community that is united by what we all have in common, and this community is known as ‘desi’. The ‘Dil se Desi’ idea celebrates what we love about being ‘desi’, the quirks, the attitude, the culture, the coolness, the togetherness and the content we can’t do without.”  

The Campaign:


Client: Zee5 Global

Team: Archana Anand, Krunal Desai, Tanisha Agrawal

Agency: Publicis Capital

Creative: Bobby Pawar, Ashirwad Mhatre, Tejal Sawant, Purbali Mukherjee,

Account Management: Srija Chatterjee, Suraj Pombra, Sabina Singh, Shruti Patkar, Anchal Shah

Planning: Saloni Patil

Director: Kartik Ramnathkar

Production House: Prodigious (Chahna Rupani, Bhavna Gupta, Shariq Velkar)

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