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Zee TV launches supernatural fantasy drama Manmohini

Premiering today, the series will be telecast every Monday to Friday at 7.30 pm

Zee TV has announced the launch of supernatural fantasy drama series Manmohini premiering today at 7.30 pm. Produced by LSD Films, Manmohini will air every Monday to Friday at 7.30 pm.

Set against the vibrant canvas of Rajasthan, where every grain of the desert sand tells a story, the show will chronicle the saga of Manmohini, an unfulfilled soul who has been longing to reunite with her love Rana Sa for 500 years and comes back from the past to haunt his contemporary incarnation Ram and his wife Siya. The show captures Siya’s unconditional love for Ram and her spirited battle against an immortal force as fierce as Mohini in order to keep her man.  In this unusual combat between two women, one a selfless modern day mortal and the other an obsessive, immortal spirit who resorts to the power of Bhura Jaadu to win back her love, audiences will find themselves rooting for both Siya and Mohini from time to time.

Aparna Bhosle, Business Head, Zee TV, said, “Fantasy or supernatural thrillers find an instant connect as they offer viewers the relief of escapism. They transport audiences into an alternate reality away from the rigmarole of their daily routine. What sets Manmohini apart within the genre is that it is the first ever to explore the concept of Bhura Jaadu – a lesser known form of witchcraft that draws its power from the desert sands. The objective is not to propagate witchcraft or spread superstition but to tell a fascinating story of love against a surreal, larger-than-life backdrop. Mohini’s love for her man is deep and genuine, it is only her methods that are questionable. So, the audiences will alternate between empathising with her and rooting for Siya in their quest for Ram. With this differentiated offering, the idea is to add variety to our content mix and introduce a new flavour to our weekday primetime.”

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