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Xiaomi India’s new campaign addresses every photo enthusiast’s woes

The campaign aims to connect with all individuals and Mi Fans across diverse consumer segments who are seeking a smartphone with an amazing camera

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Xiaomi India has launched its campaign for its newly launched Mi A2. Conceptualised by Ogilvy, the campaign, ‘Perfect Moments Don’t Wait’ aptly summarises the day-to-day issues consumers often face in their lives when they attempt to capture a special occasion or a candid shot. It showcases the remarkable work of this product in delivering the key selling point which is “picture perfect photos” especially in low light photography, with unmatchable quality and absolute ease.

The campaign story explores lively, vibrant occasions such as a circus show which is a classic art of public entertainment for all audience members irrespective of their age groups. It vividly depicts the enthusiasm and fun of the viewers as they enjoy the present moment. The story provides a satirical take on the struggle these viewers face while trying to capture these very fun moments, leading to a comical chain of events at the show. The story further sheds light on the individual among the audience who effortlessly captures his “perfect moments” of entertainment with his Mi A2 while he continues to make the most of the memorable occasion.

Anuj Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer, Xiaomi India, said, “As a brand, we dedicate ourselves towards offering the best of consumer experience to our Mi Fans and customers across India. And our new campaign precisely highlights this aspect of our brand. As perfect moments don't wait, it ensures that our Mi Fans and customers never miss out on their perfect moments. And these moments live on as much cherished memories forever, no matter what the conditions are. This is only possible because of our commitment to providing the best of our innovative technology to all, and therefore we will continue to deliver the best."

Xiaomi’s target audience ideally range from 18-35 years and would be aware of the immense value that the tech specs of Mi A2 bring in. However, with this campaign, it widens the spectrum of appeal towards a diverse range of audience.

Mahesh Gharat, Chief Creative Officer, South, Ogilvy, said, “One look at the specification of Mi A2, one would realise that it clearly is the frontrunner when it comes to clicking great pictures in low light. Our challenge was to translate this benefit into a clutter-breaking and memorable piece of communication. We started with a simple life insight. People today are constantly clicking pictures and one doesn't know when one will chance upon a magical moment that is worthy of sharing on your timeline. These films exaggerate the fact that these moments are not going to wait for you because your phone camera is not good enough to click pictures in low light. The take out - with Mi A2, you can be forever ready. Cinematic flair and a great track are what make these TV campaigns sticky and unforgettable.”

The campaign will run across different channels which include television, Out of Home, digital media and print media. The second video is slated to release on November. The Overall campaign is aimed to run through eight weeks.

The campaign:


Client: Xiaomi India

Agency: Ogilvy South

Music: Subhajit Mukherjee

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