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Gaana introduces new features for improved user experience

The app on Android and iOS platforms will give music lovers hassle-free discoverability, helps select playlists, and offers engaging content and easy accessibility

Music streaming player Gaana has rolled out a new version of the app on Android and iOS platforms that will allow music lovers to enhance the discoverability of music, help in deciding playlists and offer a better voice search with lyrics, making it more engaging and interactive.

The app with more than 80 million users and over 1.2 billion streams a month across 30 languages, including Indian regional languages, has introduced the facelift to improve user experience on the app.

Commenting on the launch, Prashan Agarwal, CEO, Gaana, said, “Today we are at more than 80 million monthly active users with an active subscription base. We are extremely passionate about elevating consumer experience at every step, which is why we decided to give the app a facelift to further enhance user interaction. Over the last few months, we have increased investment in machine learning and AI to improve our recommendation algorithms and today almost 15% consumption on the platform is being delivered through our recommendation engine.”

He added, “Our focus at Gaana is to be the everyday companion of every user by being there through different moods and phases that our user goes through.  Keeping in line with this, we are certain that the revamp will help us curate a fulfilled user experience on the app.”

Here are some of the new introductions:

Hassle-free discoverability:

With the new app, discoverability has become a lot simpler. Users can now quickly select their choice of music by taking help of the Personalised Music Feed at Search. The app will track your listening history and prompt suggestions, thus saving you the drudgery of browsing through a vast library of music to make your pick. The smart feed is powered by the ML models to expose users to varied content in one go.

Aids decision making:

The revamped version also features a Made for you Mixes and Playlists. This will aid in decision making with tailor-made playlists to cater to your eclectic preferences. These will have tracks across genres for various occasions put together just for you.

Engaging content:

Engaging modern UX will ensure that music lovers experience fresh content every day. It will filter music based on what you have listened and what you have not and will suggest new content accordingly. AI and Machine Learning (ML) has been the key driver in leveraging the user behaviour for understanding taste profiles and tailoring music listening experiences for each unique user.

Easy accessibility:

Voice is the most convenient medium for input unlike a keyboard and we see the millennial generation moving to voice in a big way. Also the new wave of internet users will primarily use voice as input as many will not be comfortable with typing. The voice search option will make accessibility faster as it gives you the freedom to make movements on the app without having to type details of the songs. Users can search for their favourite songs by saying the name of song, singer, movie, lyrics, moods and occasions.

Immersive experience:

Consumers can not just listen to the music but also sing while the song is playing. The new feature will let consumers view lyrics with full screen players. The font and the style can be changed to make it appear more legible.

In addition, the app has been made more user-friendly with an increased focus on imagery and breathing spaces. It has also improved player experience and on-boarding process.

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