Flipkart and Dentsu Webchutney's talk about need to raise #GenerationEqual

Through the campaign, the brand and agency want to draw attention to the dated ideas of gender roles and advocate for a generation that is raised equally

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Flipkart and Dentsu Webchutney's talk about need to raise #GenerationEqual

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Today as the topic of gender equality gains importance, it is also becoming important to understand how children are raised as it plays a major role in how they see themselves and others later on in life.

Making a case for raising an equal generation, Flipkart and Dentsu Webchutney have rolled out a new campaign that talks about the #GenerationEqual.

The campaign talks about how it is okay for girls to want cars and be interested in sports and how boys can like pink and help with household chores as well.

Apuarv Sethi

“As parents in 2018, we’d like to be progressive in letting our child choose for themselves in several aspects, so that they get to do what they love. Let the child experience the hobbies, passions, interests, and personality traits that come naturally to them. Whether it’s a boy who wants to learn cooking or a girl passionate about collecting superhero toys. And the other way around too,” said Apuarv Sethi, Director, Brand Marketing, Flipkart.

Prashant Gopalakrishnan

Prashant Gopalakrishnan, Sr Vice-President, Client Services, Dentsu Webchutney, said, “Look around you. Do you have a son, daughter, niece, nephew, or a friend’s child born a few years after the millennium? They are all part of #GenerationEqual. Real change will happen when we collectively decide to make the same rules that influence their lives. And as far as we can, let’s keep those rules the same for both boys and girls. That is the most real way to ensure our biases don’t pass on to them.”

The Campaign:


Client: Flipkart Internet Private Limited

Agency: Dentsu Webchutney

Brand Team: Apuarv Sethi, Lucky Saini and Smriti Advani

Creative Team (Copy)

Executive Creative Director: P G Aditya 

Associate Creative Director: Ninad Gawhankar

Senior Copywriter: Vasisht Vasan

Copywriter: Pragya Sarin

Creative Team (Art)

Senior Creative Director: Ashwin Palkar

Associate Group Head: Deepak Murlidharan

Associate Art Director: Anandhi Kumar

Account Management Team

EVP and Branch Head: Gautam Reghunath

SVP: Prashant Gopalakrishnan

Client Services Director: Priyanka Borah

Account Director: Gurudatt N

Associate Account Director: Karishma Changroth

Production House: Superfly Films

Director: Kopal Naithani 

Producer: Samson Vasave

Director of Photography: Jishnu Bhattacharjee


Flipkart Dentsu Webchutney #GenerationEqual