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Exide Life Insurance tells us to include term plan in Diwali checklist

The campaign showcases how any checklist of life is incomplete without protecting one’s family’s future through term insurance

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Exide Life Insurance has taken the unconventional track to bring in a Happy Diwali with its Zero Cost Term Insurance. Through its latest video campaign, Exide urges us to make time to contemplate and dispel darkness of ignorance by securing your loved ones.

The film highlights the idea of an unconventional inclusion in the Diwali checklist — by securing financial protection for the family.

The film shows a woman making a checklist for Diwali. She feels her Diwali checklist is incomplete and asks her husband to take a look. The husband spots the missing link and adds term insurance to it. The wife is sceptical of the idea due to increase in the expenses and is surprised when the husband calls it as a zero cost plan. The husband goes on to explain how the plan can help secure their future during the policy term and on completion of the policy term, all premiums paid are returned. Hence, making the total cost to zero.

Mohit Goel, Director, Marketing and Direct Channel, Exide Life Insurance, said, “Diwali is an important festival in India. Families begin preparing for it well ahead in advance. From lights, gifts, new clothes, sweets, to getting the house cleaned and freshly painted, Diwali is indeed a busy time for people to have their checklists in place both in terms of work to do and expenses to bear. Securing the future of your family is as important as building happy memories with them. During this Diwali, we urge Indians to secure their loved ones. As per a recent study, many Indians who want to buy life insurance also want insurers to pay back their premiums at the end of the policy term. We, at Exide Life Insurance, understand this need of our customers. Our Diwali Film helps them understand the concept of Zero Cost Term Insurance through our unique Term with Return of Premium Plan. This is a win-win situation that will definitely encourage everyone to get adequate life cover and secure their family’s future.”

Anusha Shetty, CEO, Autumn Worldwide, said, “‘Zero Cost’ is a creative expression of the product benefit that allows you to get your premium back at the end of the term. This campaign takes this thought forward and places it in the context of Diwali. Drawing the parallel between Diwali preparations and preparations of life, we wanted to showcase how any checklist of life is incomplete without protecting one’s family’s future through term insurance.”

The TVC:


Client: Exide Life Insurance

Agency: Autumn WorldWide

Creative Director: Supriya

Director: Deepti Nagia

Production House: Momomoto Studios

Producer: Deepti Nagia

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