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Each of us has to follow rules to avoid accidents, says Hyundai in new spot

Conceptualised by Innocean Worldwide India, the campaign #BeTheBetterGuy puts the onus on every driver on the road. People do not follow traffic rules occasionally and think it’s alright as they haven’t harmed anyone. The aim is to change this mindset

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Hyundai has launched its new road safety campaign #BeTheBetterGuy focusing on a very important fact that despite awareness drives, accidents continue to happen. Conceptualised by Innocean India, the campaign tells the viewers that responsibility lies with each one of us to stay safe and keep others safe.

The film starts with a very alert and responsible man driving his car at night. He is an ideal driver who follows all the traffic rules and regulations. But he is caught up in an accident as another driver was not following rules. It ends with a pertinent message from Shah Rukh Khan that it is not enough for a single person to follow traffic rules and regulations. To make roads a safer place, each of us has to follow the rules.

SM Talha Nazim, Senior ECD, Innocean Worldwide India, said, “With #BeTheBetterGuy, we have mostly done educational, self-aware campaigns in the past. But this year we wanted to put the onus on every driver out there and make a strong statement. It’s been seen the happy, ‘safe’ advertising is appreciated but we wanted to be brave and bold with our message for hundreds out on the road who do follow traffic norms, and yet may become accident victims. This is the underlying theme of the new Hyundai safety film.”

Statistics show that India has a percentage of traffic accidents, even higher than the US with one accident occurring every four minutes.

Anushina Rajesh, GM, Innocean Worldwide India, said, “The numbers are shocking. This year itself, the number of accidents recorded till June is far higher than the numbers recorded in the period last year. While driving under the influence is something most automakers, government focus on to curb accidents, the fact is that speeding and basic disregard for traffic signals is also one of the biggest reasons for such mishaps, especially in the night time.”

According to Arjun Modayil, ED, Innocean Worldwide India, consumer behaviour needs to be addressed. He said, “People have become habitual to not following traffic rules occasionally and thinking it’s alright as they haven’t harmed anyone. It’s this mindset we seek to change with the new Hyundai #BeTheBetterGuy film.”

The campaign:


Client: Hyundai Motor India

Senior General Manager and Group Head Marketing: Puneet Anand

Agency: Innocean Worldwide India

Senior ECD: S M Talha Nazim

Writer: S M Talha Nazim

Executive Director: Arjun Modayil

General Manager: Anushina Rajesh

Group Account Director: Neetu Gour

Digital: Abhishek Chhabra

Production House: Good Morning Films

Director: Afshan Hussain Shaikh

Executive Producer: Shashanka Chaturvedi, Vikram Kalra

Producer: Karishma Sahi

DOP: Jay Oza

Music: Faizan Shaikh

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