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Brands continue to dish out heart-warming ads this Diwali

Brands are bringing in a twist to the conventional Diwali celebration without losing its essence

As millions of people around the world celebrate Diwali, brands are churning out some amazing and heartfelt messages this festival of lights.

Reliance Trends


Reliance Trends is celebrating the spirit of Diwali by saying no to noise. The film starts with a man putting a board saying ‘no firecrackers’ on the gate. The next scene cuts to a group of youth crowding the door. The man gets surprised by the sudden arrival on Diwali day. It is actually an old age home. The group then starts closing all the doors and windows to minimise the noise of crackers. Everyone gets dressed up for the night and have a blast with rangoli, diyas, snacks and music.

The ad:

Nexus Malls

Nexus Malls has launched a special digital ad campaign propagating the message – Diwali is all about gifts, and time is the most precious gift which one can give to one’s near and dear ones. The first ad tells the story of a tenant who is scared of her landlord. When the landlord rings the bell on a Diwali night, she says that she has no friends or loud music to annoy her. But the landlord surprises her with a new Bluetooth speaker. The second ad shows the father-daughter relationship where the daughter wants to play with her father who is busy. But the father makes time for her and they have a memorable time together.

The campaign:

Citi Bank


This Diwali, Citi Bank inspires to celebrate one’s uniqueness without being embarrassed about it. The film highlights the astonishment of family members when a woman arrives for puja with a tattoo on her hand. The husband seems to be affected by the look of others and tries to hide it by her dupatta. But the surprise comes when the woman’s mother-in-law removes the dupatta from the tattoo.

The ad:

One Plus

One Plus highlights the perils of living away from home during Diwali. The film shows how a guy requests his sister to send him some ladoos to Amsterdam as he can’t come home. Being an introvert, he shies away from making friends. But his sister knows just the right thing. Using One Plus’s large community, she was able to connect him with a few friends in a foreign country. And her brother is no more alone on Diwali day. For OnePlus users, it shall always be: ‘One World. One Family. OnePlus’.

The ad:

Dish TV

Dish TV’s campaign for its D2H brand titled ‘Alag Hi View’ highlights how it offers something different and how that enables the consumer to have a different point of view either in life or when it comes to watching television. The TVC ‘Alag Hi View’ has a montage of situations with Diwali festival as the backdrop and showcases D2H bringing families and friends together with its varied offerings like smart remote mobile app, radio frequency remote and HD STBs.

The ad:

Big Bazaar


Like every year, Big Bazaar brings people closer through its ad. The story revolves around passengers of a train which is running late. Most of the passengers were planning to celebrate the festival with their loved ones. But as the train is late, it spoiled their festive mood. But one of the passengers started distributing sweets on the train, which revived the celebration mood. So, the train journey turned out to be one of memories and new relationships.

The ad:

Legrand India


Legrand India honours and celebrates electricians — the unsung heroes of Diwali. The company, as a part of its flagship ComeHomeToCelebrations campaign, announced its newest Diwali campaign where they salute the hard work of the electricians and surprise them and their family members.

The film focuses on the hard work of electricians which often goes unheard. It starts with an electrician coming home for Diwali only to get a call from one of his clients. He rushes to his work but when he comes home, he finds his house beautifully decorated.

The campaign:

Edelweiss Mutual Fund


Asset management company Edelweiss Mutual Fund has launched a film for Diwali extending the #AdviceZarooriHai campaign with an aim to lay emphasis on the need of taking the right advice before we do anything in life and primarily investing. This film has been shot in association with the Mumbai Fire Safety brigade, which has given tips on how to celebrate safe and secure Diwali.

Prior to the Diwali film, a series of three 30-second digital films were launched, highlighting the need for advice while investing in mutual funds. This campaign is part of the Investor Education Program of Edelweiss Mutual Fund.

Most investors are not equipped to understand the various categories and kinds of mutual fund schemes/products. The cost of going wrong and the impact on the investment portfolio by choosing a wrong investment is higher than the advice cost. Hence, advice is important to choose the right fund suitable to the investors risk profile and goal fulfilment.

Diwali film:

First digital film:

Second digital film:

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