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Zee secures US Patent for a technology platform to satisfy all the 5 senses of the viewers

Based on 3D Audio, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Digital Scent, Hologram and Touch, the platform aims at offering an immersive experience in entertainment, education, gaming, e-commerce and home environment control

Zee Entertainment Enterprises has secured a United States (US) Patent on a technology platform developed in the Silicon Valley at Zee Media Lab. This platform stems from the Vedic culture of offering an immersive experience to the viewers, satisfying all the five senses.

Built on 3D Audio, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Digital Scent, Holograms and Touch, this platform aims to transform the viewers’ home environment by providing exceptional immersive experience. The platform will also enable the viewers to touch, feel, smell and experience products, with a seamless transaction (e-commerce) ecosystem.

Be it immersive entertainment content, or informative education-based solutions, or gaming, or e-commerce, Zee said in a press statement that this comprehensive technology platform is built to cater to every single need of the viewer.

  • Immersive Entertainment – The platform is empowered with 3D Audio, AR, VR, Digital Scent, Holograms and Touch, to transform the viewers’ living rooms into an immersive mode, be it a serene beach or an action-packed fight scene.
  • Immersive Education – The platform is capable to not just educate the viewers about a given topic, say an internal combustion engine, but is also equipped to offer an immersive journey for the viewer right into the cylinders of the combustion engine, taking the learning experience to an altogether different level.
  • Gaming – The platform will not just offer a 3D gaming experience but will also give the players a unique experience to feel the heat of an ongoing combat with the opponent, and even experience the smell of the battlefield.
  • Entertainment Commerce - The platform will enable the viewers to order any product which they witness being consumed or used by the lead protagonist on the screen, at the touch of a button. Viewers will be able to smell the perfume worn by their favorite actor/actress on screen and purchase the same within seconds. If the viewer owns a 3D printer, the platform is also capable of even printing the food which one watches on the screen.
  • Home Environment Control - The platform will also be equipped to control the viewers’ home environment, right from the lights, security solutions, to heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, ensuring that the viewers’ immersive experience while consuming content is not interrupted at any stage.
Subhash Chandra

Zee’s Chairman Subhash Chandra said, “At Zee, we envisioned 4-5 years back, that the overall media landscape is poised to evolve at an extremely rapid pace, with content companies blending into technology companies. Hence, we started investing our time and energy in building a technology for the future, which enhances the content viewing experience by many folds. Zee’s lab in the Silicon Valley was set up in 2016 to create this robust platform, and I’m very glad that the US Patent is secured. It is a concrete step in realising our vision of transforming ourselves from a media and entertainment powerhouse to a technology company, offering immersive experiences.”

Amit Goenka

Amit Goenka, CEO, Z5 Global, said, “The US Patent is a major milestone achieved in this process giving us the required level of confidence and reassurance. This is just the beginning of an extraordinary journey of transforming the viewers content viewing experience.”

While the five senses have not yet been deployed on a commercial scale, with the grant of the US Patent, Zee can now make the platform available to millions of users across the world. The commercially viable prototype will be ready in the next 12 months. This emboldens Zee’s plan to target mainstream global viewers across US, Europe, Asia, China and Latin America.

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