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Sundrop targets younger generation for its cereal product Choco Popz

FCB Interface will handle the creative mandate for the newly launched product

Sundrop is entering the cereal market with their latest offering Choco Popz. While, the word ‘cereal’ instantly paints the picture of a breakfast food, Sundrop is however positioning their product as a sweet snack that can be consumed both as a breakfast cereal and also as a snack.

“We are already in the snacks category but largely into savoury snacks. We have always entered categories where we have built the category and we realised that it was about time we entered the sweet snacks category,” said Asheesh Sharma, Vice President – Marketing, Agro Tech Foods Ltd.

But they did not want to enter the category with just any product and wanted to build a differentiated product. Choco Popz will have a crunchy shell and a dark chocolate centre, which, the makers believe will elevate the product from just being a breakfast cereal to an anytime snack as well.

But by positioning themselves as such, Sundrop now has to compete not only with other cereal brands and instant breakfast brands but also with snacking brands trying to provide healthy snacks to consumers.

“In terms of nutrition, our product is going to be better and different from other ready-to-cook breakfast ranges. Also, most of the Indian breakfast palette is largely hot, however as per current trend, a lot of consumption of cold milk is happening. Our product is ideal to be had with cold milk too,” said Sharma.

Calling Choco Popz a product for the future, Sharma mentioned that digital will be an integral part of their marketing strategy along with mass media.

“We will come up with the campaigns once our distribution is in place. We will definitely use digital because we are targeting the younger generation with this product. It is more difficult to build habits with the older generation but easier to do the same with the younger generation,” said Sharma.

FCB Interface will handle the creative mandate for the newly launched product.

The new product will be available across modern trade, e-commerce and will even be in the local ‘kirana stores’ said Sharma.

For Sharma, the only challenge he can perceive right now in marketing this new product is making consumers buy into the multigrain-chocolate combination.

“About 10 years ago, when we launched peanut butter in the country, we actually had to educate people on what peanut butter was. We had people coming and asking whether peanut butter was peanuts mixed with butter and we had to tell them that this was ‘nut’ butter and ‘not’ butter. Fortunately, people know the taste of chocolate and understand that multigrain is good for them. We just need to get people to taste the two elements together. This will majorly be a function of how much people can experience the product,” said Sharma.

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