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Magicbricks launches brand-building digital solution for developers

Called Brand Store, the solution is aimed at mid and small-size developers to drive brand affinity and create a strong connect with consumers

Property site Magicbricks has come out with a brand-building digital solution called Brand Store, which is aimed at mid and small-size developers to drive brand affinity and create a strong connect with consumers.

Brand Store is a digital solution that would help developers influence the consumers’ home-buying decision through engaging video content.

Capitalising on the increase in consumption of video content, Brand Store comprises a series of video-based customised content that would help developers narrate their brand story to the consumers in an engaging, compelling and a persuasive manner to build reliability and trust on a neutral platform of Magicbricks. For consumers, it offers a peek into the other side of the developer and also understand their future plans and get an honest feedback from their existing customers and business partners.

Commenting on the launch of Brand Store, Prasun Kumar, Marketing Head, Magicbricks, said, “Every business needs to invest in its reputation and image to make a name, churn revenue and most importantly, be loved by consumers. So far in real estate, the consumer’s relationship with the developer has been very transactional, operating at a functional level and add to that the issues of trust deficit. There is little brand affinity for any developer. The solution lies in a developer’s ability to tell his story in an environment that is seen as neutral, trustworthy and credible. Brand Store helps developers connect all these dots that are emerging in a new world order through engaging video content that is engaging, compelling and trustworthy.”

Magicbricks Brand Store’s microsite will have five dedicated sections like Captain’s Innings, CEO’s Desk, Factoids, Future Ready and Testimonials.

Captain’s Innings will enable developers showcase the person behind the brand. It covers topics like life journey, milestones, family, hobbies and more; they will see the human side of the builder’s brand. Through CEO’s Desk, the consumers are presented with the professional aspects of the brand.

Factoids will feature all the interesting facts and trivia of the builder brand and buyers will get to know the finer details about the brand. In Future Ready, potential buyers will get to know how the builder is adapting to the changing policies, technology and consumer mindset and this will help them take an informed decision. Testimonials will help create a positive disposition of the brand among the buyers.

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