ixigo gives a fitting reply to gimmicky travel cashback offers

Travellers are disillusioned with offers by many travel apps as a lot of cashback cannot be used in totality on subsequent transactions. The campaign metaphorically shows real-life situations where such behaviour is unacceptable

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ixigo gives a fitting reply to gimmicky travel cashback offers

Travel marketplace ixigo has launched its new campaign with the slogan #FullPaisaVasool across media. Conceptualised and created by its in-house team, the campaign empathises with travellers who receive a lot of cashback in their travel app wallets but then feel short-changed when they are not allowed to use most of it on their next transactions. On ixigo, travellers booking flights can not only earn ixigo money on flight bookings but also spend the full balance on their next booking.

The central theme of the ads is Indian weddings. In the first film, we see the groom getting a garland of money. But, some of the money is taken back after the photo-shoot. The second film shows a newly married couple receiving a loaded shagun envelope, only to have most of the cash taken away from them immediately after the photo-shoot on stage. The third film features a drummer who is lured by money to play more but at the end gets only a small amount. In all the situations, a voice ask viewers the pressing question “Bura laga?” to reflect upon how people feel when they can only use a small amount of the money from their travel app wallets.

Travellers have become disillusioned with gimmicky offers being run by many travel apps. Though a lot of cashback money is promised, once credited, it cannot be used in totality on subsequent transactions. It also comes with several conditions attached to it. While many people now consider it as the new normal, ixigo’s campaign metaphorically highlights real life situations where the same behaviour would be totally unacceptable.

Aloke Bajpai, CEO and Co-founder, ixigo, said, “Gimmicky travel cashback programmes should not exist because they hurt the credibility of the entire industry. At ixigo, we believe in transparency as one of our core values, so it was natural for us to be disrupting how loyalty and cashback works in our industry. We want every traveller to get 100% value for their money by being able to use all the cashback that they earn on their next flight booking, irrespective of which travel seller they choose to book the ticket from, on our app.”

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