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Disney India bats for a healthy future with ‘Staying Fit can be fun’ video

As part of Mickey's 90th birthday celebrations, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are leading this initiative by teaching kids a few, healthy dance steps. A ‘dance along’ video has reached 3000+ schools, 1.2+ million kids across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore

Disney India, as a part of its on-going healthy living initiative, has identified fitness as one of the key themes and wants to propagate the idea ‘Staying Fit can be fun’ among kids.

The Walt Disney Company believes in filling kids’ lives with hope and imagination through the magic of storytelling. As part of Mickey's 90th birthday celebrations for one of the most beloved characters in the world, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are leading this ‘Stay Fit’ activity by teaching children various fun-filled, easy-to-follow dance steps.

Disney India has screened a ‘dance along’ Mickey and Minnie video, demonstrating the specially choreographed dance routine which the kids can watch, follow and perform together with their friends.

With a little help from choreographer Dhiraj, they have put together nine simple signature dance steps on a special foot-tapping song, which are fun and easy and will help strengthen the young muscles; paving way for a healthy future.

This hugely successful initiative has been taken to more than 3000+ schools; reaching out to 1.2+ million kids across the cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, and it’s a unique activity not done before.

Devika Prabhu, Executive Director and Head, Product, Media Networks, Disney India, said, “At Disney, we are consistently working towards creating interesting engagement opportunities that can fill the kids’ lives with fun, laughter and optimism. Celebrating Mickey’s 90th anniversary this year, we embarked on a unique initiative to propagate the idea that ‘Staying Fit can be fun’. We are thrilled with the response we have received from kids, their families and their teachers so far; and we hope they will spread the fun so we have many more kids and families joining Mickey and Minnie as they dance their way into fitness.”

Many celebrities and leading influencers too have joined into doing this initiative.

The Video:

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