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Vikram Chandra launches video news platform editor ji

The platform for the AI-driven personalised video news has received investment from Bharti Airtel and Hindustan Times

Vikram Chandra

Vikram Chandra, one of India’s leading news anchors and veteran journalists, has announced the launch of his multilingual video news platform editor ji. It has received investment from Bharti Airtel and Hindustan Times.

The platform uses AI to enable the linear streaming of multiple video news stories to give a viewer instant access to all the news and information that is of relevance to them.

The platform already features more than 100 video stories a day, across genres like politics, international, local stories, sports, business, lifestyle, technology and entertainment. The platform is in English and Hindi for now, but the number of languages will increase soon.

“This platform provides a one-tap access to a personalised newscast that is created by the editor ji algorithm, which considers a variety of parameters, including location, news categories, preferred style of news and so on,” said Chandra in a press statement announcing the launch.

Talking about the user experience, Chandra said, “Users can skip stories that they don’t want to see by simply swiping. In addition, users have the ability to edit the newscast by deleting stories, changing their order, adding any stories that they want, or even creating a fresh newscast from scratch. They also have the ability to record their own opinions and add these to their newscast — which can then be shared with anyone they want. Then the user becomes the editor ji.”

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