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This Janmashtami, Livpure conveys a strong message of water conservation

Conceptualised by Famous Innovations, the campaign highlights the wastage of water during the Dahi Handi festival and urges everyone to conserve water

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Raising an important issue in its new campaign, Livpure sheds light on the huge amounts of water wasted during Janmashtami. The water purification company has sent across a strong message through a short film with the tagline ‘Govinda ala la re la, zara paani sambhal peene wala’, in which participants or Govindas request people not to waste drinking water.

Every year on Janmashtami, young men and boys form a pyramid to break a hanging earthen pot with curd in it as a ritual, popularly known as Dahi Handi.

Bystanders and competitors throw water on the participants to divert their attention. In Mumbai alone, hundreds of litres of water are wasted on this day at a time when millions suffer from water shortage every day.

The campaign starts by showing visuals from Dahi Handi ceremonies from different locations – from Sion to Sewri to Worli Koliwada – and the whole practice sessions of the people participating in it.

The most striking point of the video is when Govindas sporting t-shirt with the tagline talk about their fear of falling because of the water thrown at them and the serious water shortage they face. These children urge everyone to stop wasting water during the festival.

Raj, Founder and COO, Famous Innovations, said, “Dahi Handi is celebrated by millions of people in Maharashtra. With a lot of conversation around the safety of people climbing up the human pyramid, the permissible height, etc., one major issue was being side-lined, the wastage of hundreds of litres of water. In this day and age when a majority of India is facing a severe water crisis, this is a grave folly hiding in plain sight. We applaud Livpure for taking the initiative to do something about this, and better yet, garnering the support of the participants of Dahi Handi themselves to be the spokespeople of this movement. Launched a day before Dahi Handi, this is a simple eye-opener of a film. We may not be able to reach everyone involved, but we hope to make a dent.”

Sushil Matey, Director, Marketing, Livpure, said, “Janmashtami is a very auspicious festival and the communities join their hands to celebrate this day with a religious zeal. Dahi Handi is an integral ceremony in this festival. Mumbai has been witnessing water scarcity with some areas having access to drinking water for just an hour a day. Keeping this in mind, Livpure has taken an initiative through this film to reach out to communities with a message to conserve drinking water. We aim to spread the word to our target audience concerning the crisis that many areas in Mumbai face due to the shortage of water. We hope that our small step would lead to conversations around the need for water conservation and the importance of having access to safe drinking water in India.”

The campaign:


Client: Livpure

Agency: Famous Innovations

Production House: Urban Media Productions

Director: Zulfakar Sadriwala

Producer: Vinod Prajapati


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