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Johnson’s Baby evolves with changing needs of millennial parents with even more gentle care

The TVC lauds millennial mothers who are adeptly balancing multiple roles and also recognises the increasing role fathers are playing in baby care today

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Johnson’s Baby’s new campaign, ‘Choose Gentle’, is aimed at millennial parents and the transformation of baby care needs, and how the brand is adapting to them. Co-created by Johnson’s Baby and Flirting Vision, the campaign highlights the changes that Johnson’s has made to include fewer ingredients to give even more gentle care.

The campaign assures millennial parents that Johnson’s Baby is synonymous with baby care and part of their journey of raising their child from the very first day. The brand sends the message that with the changing needs, Johnson’s Baby has transformed its entire range to meet the evolving needs of new parents and babies.

The TVC gives millennial parents in India a glimpse of their lives, showcasing the trend of co-parenting and sharing equal responsibilities. It highlights the changing product attributes such as no parabens, no sulphates and no dyes to give the gentlest care to babies; while maintaining the core of ‘clinically proven, pure ingredients’. The new products are in sync with the changing times with new ergonomic packaging to ensure parents only need to focus on babies.

Dimple Sidhar, Vice-President, Marketing, Johnson and Johnson, Consumer India, said, “Johnson’s Baby has been with mums in every step of their journey of parenting. This campaign highlights that we continue to do so, moving forward with changing times. Parenting has evolved in India, and so have the needs of the new-age parents in taking care of their bundle of joy. We make Johnson’s promise to ‘Choose Gentle’, which is committed to even more gentle care for babies. The TVC lauds millennial mothers who are adeptly balancing multiple roles and recognises the increasing role fathers are playing in baby care today.”

The campaign has been shot with 44 real families — mothers, dads, babies, siblings and grandparents. It is an ode to these families and their faith in Johnson’s Baby. The ad film is directed by Benaifer Mallik and co-directed by Rajiv Rajamani.

Bennaifer Mallik, Director, Flirting Vision, said, “After having completed nearly 100 TVCs for Johnson’s Baby in different countries, it seemed like we’d been there and done everything! Then the Choose Gentle project threw up a challenge for us. Johnson’s Baby India was reinventing itself and we needed to capture the essence of that change. What inspired us to craft the narratives was meeting millennial parents from diverse backgrounds who seemed to profess so much confidence in the brand. And in a week when the monsoon’s fury was at its peak, over 50 families with their babies turned up for the shoot over seven days and participated in a candid recording of the parent-baby experience of a whole new generation.”

The campaign:


Client:  Johnson and Johnson

Production House:  Flirting Vision

Director: Bennaifer Malik

Co-Director: Rajiv Rajamani

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