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Cello says take time out and thank your teachers

Conceptualised by FoxyMoron, Cello in its new campaign asks viewers to go down memory lane and recall the fondest memories of their teachers

Click on the image to watch the Video.

Teachers are our guardian angels. From teaching us how to speak in English, to helping us learn complicated theories, they are all-rounders. This Teacher’s day, Cello, in its new campaign, takes a route to nostalgia to help the viewers remember the fondest memories of their teachers and urges everyone to take time out and thank them.

Conceptualised by FoxyMoron, the video starts with a bunch of people remembering their funniest moments with their teachers. One of them shares, “I was the most talkative student in the class so my teacher had put a cello tape on my mouth.”

They also share the one important thing they learnt from their teachers and thank them for their unwavering love and patience.

Vikram Jain, Manager, Marketing Cello (Pencils, Marking, Colouring), said, "Teachers are the unsung heroes who have been fundamental in shaping our world view. This teacher’s day we, at Cello, decided to take people down memory lane and recall fondest memories of their teachers."

Shishir Kudalkar, Account Director, FoxyMoron, said, "With a brand like Cello that is so intrinsically rooted in our formative school-going years, it was the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate the real heroes who have been instrumental in teaching us some of life's most valuable lessons – 'Our Teachers' – and ask people to share their stories with us."

The Campaign:


Client: Cello

Agency: FoxyMoron

Account Management: Shishir Kudalkar, Ravina Deshpande, Ridhaa Kapadi

Content: Anahita Kapur, Jitika Jain

Video: Aaron Caeiro, Samarth Verma, Vishwajit Mane, Sachin Talekar, Sanya Sood, Rishabh Khatter

Design: Swapnil More, Prachee Chavan, Ashwinee Vengurlekar

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