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BTVI launches ‘RajNiti – Politics and Policy’ with Siddharth Zarabi

The show will focus on the changing dynamics of politics and the economic impact of government policies on people

Siddharth Zarabi

Business news channel BTVI has launched a new show titled ‘RajNiti – Politics and Policy’, which delves deep into the dynamics of politics and the effects of various policies on economics.

With general elections round the corner, the focus of policymaking, politics as well as economics is undergoing a shift; the show throws light on the various facets of development that have taken place in the last few years.

It also analyses the economic impact of government policies on citizens at large by asking critical questions to decode the economics of Indian politics. The show is essentially a platform where politics intersects policy.

The show is hosted by BTVI’s Executive Editor Siddharth Zarabi, where he will be seen interacting with distinguished guests from different walks of life.

Zarabi said, “The country has witnessed major policy changes in the last few years. It is a good time to take stock and understand the changes that have come about and its effects on the economy and politics. Through this show, we try to find answers to questions that hold the key to the upcoming general elections in 2019. It will be interesting to find out what India is thinking, what Bharat is feeling, the economics of our politics and the politics behind our economics. In a fast-paced polity, we will try and focus on the real issues.”

The show airs from Monday to Thursday at 8 pm.


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