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Bandhan Bank shows how to earn and save at the same time

The campaign conceptualised by Ogilvy Kolkata helps people look at savings account and fixed deposits a little differently

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Bandhan Bank has launched a new campaign to showcase how consumers can earn some extra bucks by opting for its savings accounts and fixed deposits.

As people look at alternative avenues to park their money and invest in different financial instruments to get more returns, Bandhan Bank, in the new TVC conceptualised by Ogilvy Kolkata, talks about its savings account that offers 6% interest on deposits over Rs1 lakh. The intention of the campaign is to make consumers aim for higher returns from a savings account and presents Bandhan Bank as the new earning member of the family because of the additional returns it brings.

Fixed deposits are generally considered the most reliable and safest financial instrument, especially by those who have passed their age of active income. Bandhan Bank offers 8.15% interest (on tenures of more than 18 months to less than five years) on fixed deposits for senior citizens.

The TVC portrays the fixed deposits at Bandhan Bank as 'fixed earnings' that add to the financial independence of retired individuals. The film shows an elderly couple indulging in playful banter with their son about how they continue to lead life on their own terms even after the father’s retirement with the help of ‘fixed earnings’ — a term they use to describe fixed deposits from Bandhan Bank.

Chandra Shekhar Ghosh, MD and CEO, Bandhan Bank, said,  “Savings account and fixed deposits have been the most common, safe and preferred banking products among the masses. At Bandhan Bank, deposits help mobilise resources to support the livelihoods of many enterprising individuals who so far have been less privileged in terms of availability of banking services, especially credit. So when you deposit money in Bandhan Bank, you are helping others live more fulfilling lives.”

Mudassar Hossain, Managing Partner, Ogilvy Kolkata, said, “While the rates of interest on Bandhan Bank’s savings account and fixed deposits speak for themselves, the role of our communication was to make people see the more active side of money and how a simple change of perspective like ‘earnings’, and not just 'savings' or 'fixed', can make them look at these financial instruments by Bandhan Bank in a way that is in line with their end objective.”

Sujoy Roy, Managing Partner (Creative), Ogilvy, said, “What happens if you can save and earn at the same time? It gives you the freedom to do important things. It allows you to indulge. We had to find a new way to tell these stories. And help people look at two classic savings products, savings account and fixed deposit, a little differently.”

The TVCs:

Savings Account:  

Senior Citizen FD: 


Client: Bandhan Bank

Agency: Ogilvy, Kolkata

Director and Production House: Shoojit Sircar; Rising Sun Films


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