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Uber Eats refreshes 90s memories in new campaign ‘Purane prices, naya app’

The idea behind the campaign is that the prices are so low that it will remind one of the 90s. The campaign pays tribute to three iconic ads: the famous dance by the Cadbury girl on the cricket field, jalebi boy Parzaan Dastur and Deepikaji’s paar ki nazar

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The nineties was a time when vacation meant grandmother’s house, tiffin break meant bread and jam and superhero meant Shaktiman. It is a time that is deeply seeded in nostalgia. People born during that period or who have been part of that period feel a peculiar fondness for that decade. Several songs, television shows, ads immediately take us on a trip down memory lane. So brace yourselves up for a nostalgic trip as Uber Eats has come up with a new digital campaign called ‘Purane prices, naya app’, paying tribute to the era.

The campaign is designed to take a creative spin on promotions and discounts, which is often a transactional relationship between brands and consumers. The digital campaign pays a nostalgic tribute to the three most iconic advertisements of that era that will remind one of the famous dance by the Cadbury girl on the cricket field, everyone's favourite jalebi boy Parzaan Dastur and Deepikaji’s paar ki nazar. These ads are crystal clear in the minds of the consumers and the striking similarity they have with the new campaign will definitely bring a smile on one’s face.

Conceptualised by Uber Eats and produced by Kiss Films, the ads are already a hit among the viewers. The ads have already garnered over 1.2 lakh views on Instagram and 30,000 on Facebook, along with hundreds of comments.

Dalbir Singh, Co-founder and managing partner of Kiss Films, said, “The whole idea behind is that the prices are so low that it will remind you of the 90s. We had to make sure that we create a similar tune. One thing that was important other than the story line was that the songs and the jingles that had to be catchy. Along with the voiceovers, we tried to get the tone of the 90s.”

Jagdish Acharya, the brain behind the original jalebi ad, said, “It feels good to see that the jalebi ad is representing the 90s. I am flattered that this one ad among so many greats of that decade has the distinction of representing that period.”

“The jalebi ad has been spoofed in the past, including by The Viral Fever for a take on Arnab Goswami. However, they are parodies. It did surprise me that Uber Eats recreated the entire ad in all its seriousness,” he added.

Parzaan Dastur, the original jalebi boy features in one of the recreated versions. “This ad is very close to my heart. I was excited that even after 22 years of the original ad, Uber Eats reached out to me to feature in the recreated version. I had a lot of fun shooting for the ad, especially because it is completely relatable in the new context,” said Dastur.

Namita Katre, Head of Brand, Strategy & Campaigns, Uber Eats India, said, "Delivering food reliably at the tap of a button is at the heart of our business at Uber Eats. One of the key things customers care about while ordering food is good value for money and we are committed to providing them with the best prices. This campaign gave us an opportunity to narrate the brand’s value story by bringing back favourites from the 90s, both, nostalgic moments and prices. Our tribute to the iconic ads of the 90s is sure to take the viewers on a trip down memory lane, while the 90s prices are a pretty good reason for consumers to try the Uber Eats app."

The campaign:

The Flatmates feat. Biryani Boy

The Classroom

The Office

You can also watch the original ads here:

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