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Animal Planet’s new shows put spotlight on human side of the wild world

The channel is launching over seven new properties with its new brand philosophy, ‘Humans like us’. The campaign, which focuses on animal welfare, will go on air from August 15

Animal Planet has adopted a new brand philosophy, ‘Humans like us’, to sharpen focus on stories linked to animal conservation in an attempt to awaken viewers to the need for animal welfare and conservation. The channel will dial up the ‘human connect’ further with thought-provoking and entertaining storytelling that emerges from the fascinating intersection of the animal, human and natural worlds.

The campaign will go on air from August 15.

Animal Planet had in the past reported on the fragile state of animals with initiatives such as Mission Big Cats and the recent premiere of Dodo Heroes.

“Animal Planet’s mission is to celebrate and explore our vital, enriching and ultimately humanising connection with the animal world. We are part of the animal kingdom and share behavioural traits with animals in the same way they share behavioural traits with us,” said Zulfia Waris, Vice-President, Premium and Digital networks, Discovery Communications India. “The creative strategy behind the bold, new identity is to bring the human like us brand promise to life, observing how animal behaviour often reflects human behaviour, providing an entertaining insight into the nature of our programmes, which are about people as much as animals.”

The channel drives the brand proposition forward with its inspiring line-up of programming starting with a new anthology of shows ‘The Red List: Save the Wild’, which premieres on August 15. The new anthology will focus on the trials and tribulations of endangered species across the world as they are confronted with myriad threats to their survival – from habitat degradation to climate change.

The new anthology will include shows such as:

On the brink: The show explores species and habitats rarely seen on Indian television earlier. In the eight-part series shot across the country, Malaika Vaz, wildlife presenter and adventure sports woman, journeys through the subcontinent, immersing herself in the most incredible landscapes and habitats in the country and coming eye to eye with the rarely spotted animals that live here.

Extinct or alive: Forrest Galante, a wildlife biologist, scours the globe using cutting-edge technology on his mission to find species that the world has stopped looking for; seeking out evidence and eyewitnesses to track and bring back to life creatures mistakenly labelled as extinct.

Tales from rhino land: A documentary on India's Kaziranga National Park capturing India's magnificent big five wild animals in one frame – the last surviving population of eastern swamp deer, Asiatic elephants, wild buffalos, tiger and rhinoceros

Wild Brazil, the land of fire and flood: In the wildest country on earth, survival is a battle between nature's most powerful forces – the fire and the floods. In these seasonal extremes, some of the world's biggest, strangest and most dangerous creatures are forced together. As fires rage across Brazil's wild heart, top predators such as jaguar, caiman and maned wolves reign supreme.

Life at the limits: This spectacular three-part series presents extreme habitats all around the globe. Meet the resident species that are pushed to the limits to survive, follow their lives and see their fascinating solutions. Because, in the end, it all comes down to evolution's hard truth: adapt or die.

Hotspots: A five-part series that explores five of the most representative hotspots in the world. Hotspots are highly threatened border territories spread across the globe rich in biodiversity.

World of the wild: A special series focusing on life in the deserts – dry, arid landscapes, environments of intense sun, heat and very little rain. An extreme climate and an extreme environment where wildlife has had to adapt to survive.


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